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Student Health Screening

California State University, Long Beach requires a daily COVID-19 self-screening process for its students who come to campus to help reduce the risk of transmission. All students are subject to this process.

Students are required to complete the  DAILY  health screening  PRIOR  to coming onto any university property. The screening is accessed through the University’s Single Sign-On system.

Verification of the completed health assessment will be sent to the CSULB Student Health Services and the student’s University email address noting an approval or a denial to enter campus buildings. 

  • If approved to come to campus: You may be required to show verification of clearance to be on campus. 
  • If not approved to come to campus: Please remain home and you will be contacted by Student Health Services.
  • DO NOT report to campus if you are feeling ill. 
  • If you are not able to complete the health assessment online, you are required to report to Enrollment Services on the first floor of Brotman Hall to complete the health screening. 
  • The screening results are securely stored and maintained by the University.

All students are required to complete the daily health screening every day prior to coming to campus. The daily health screening requirement for students will be treated as an expectation of the Standards for Student Conduct. Lack of compliance with this policy may be referred to the Office of Student Conduct and Ethical Development. 

All students must adhere to published CSULB polices and regulations, local and state and other applicable regulation, guidelines, laws and orders.  

Please note that this policy may be updated as new information regarding the best methods to contain the virus is received.     

All information contained in the Student COVID-19 Health Questionnaire is protected by HIPAA and is held in the strictest confidence. When necessary for the purposes of medical evaluation, the Student COVID-19 Health Questionnaires may only be reviewed by designated personnel at Student Health Services.