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CSULB’s accreditation reaffirmed

Published March 6, 2021

Dear Beach Community:

I have some great news to share. Following a complex, campus-wide process, Cal State Long Beach’s accreditation has been reaffirmed for 10 years by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges Senior College and University Commission.

This all-important reaffirmation is part of a process of maintenance and certification of standards and quality by a nationally recognized, higher education-focused organization.

Worth noting are several of the commission’s findings detailed in its final report. Some of the areas and accomplishments highlighted include:

  • “The university’s ability to pivot quickly in responding to a rapidly changing environment and providing students with much needed support and guidance.” The commission specifically noted the Beach Guide program, established last summer, which mobilized 182 volunteers across all divisions of the university to provide online mentoring to 2,500 new students this fall.
  • “The culture of mutual respect evident across its campus and programs, notably between its student affairs and academic affairs areas, as exemplified by their collaborative spirit and commitment to supporting students and helping them progress academically and graduate in timely fashion.”
  • The depth and breadth of CSULB’s academic and other student support services, “targeted to the varying needs of its very diverse student body, and for the resulting improvements in undergraduate graduation rates.”
  • “The broadening of academic program review processes to include inquiry into the effectiveness of student support programs and administrative centers.”
  • Our approach “to supporting the success of graduate students, who receive academic advising, guidance in writing, mental health workshops, preparation for internships, and conference opportunities, and for the planned expansion of graduate student space.”
  • The ongoing commitment to the local community, “exemplified by the Promise program, which has raised the percentage of local area students entering the university and fostered close partnership between CSULB and Long Beach City College that includes enhanced advising and support for transfer students.”

As arduous as each accreditation process is, it provides us with an opportunity to engage in a vital period of self-study, reflection, and – most importantly – specific action recommendations that promote progress.

As an institution of higher education, we are driven by a culture of continuous improvement. But the good news – no, great news – is that we are on the right path and we are succeeding.

Every member of our campus community has played an important role in the reaffirmation of our accreditation. Thank you, faculty, staff, students, alumni and supporters whose hard work, commitment and shared vision have made this possible. Special recognition goes to Brian Jersky, Jody Cormack, Sharlene Sayegh, John Hamilton and Neal Schnoor for their dedication and work on this project.

We have so much to be proud of at CSULB, and this latest accomplishment further serves to highlight and celebrate the remarkable programs and people at The Beach.

Go Beach!

Jane Close Conoley, Ph.D.