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Published May 3, 2019

Pictured above are some of the student participants with staff at CSU Fullerton.
Jody Cormack (Vice Provost, Academic Programs), Subramaniam Seshadri, Keelin Dunn, Alexandra Mazza, 
Victoria Cimo, Phillippe Ly, and Bryan Rodriguez (Director, Graduate Studies Resource Center)

The 33rd Annual California State University Research Competition was held on April 26th-27th at California State University, Fullerton. The system-wide research competition attracted over 200 talented undergraduate and graduate students, representing 22 CSU campuses, to showcase their research in the full range of academic programs offered by the CSU. The top finisher in each discipline-specific category was awarded $500; $250 went to each of the second-place finishers.

This competition provided with a valuable experience. “Research experience exposes students to current practices, helps them discover their passion, shows them how the theories in textbooks have evolved, and demonstrates applications,” says Simon Kim, Associate Vice President for Research and Sponsored Programs. 

The following fourteen students, who had the best oral presentations at the campus-wide competition, represented CSULB at the CSU system-wide competition:


Discipline-specific Category

Title of Paper

Keelin Dunn

Behavioral and Social Sciences

The Effects of Gender Role Strain on Self-Compassion Among Men: A Qualitative Analysis

Yohanna Brown

Behavioral and Social Sciences

The Role of Glucagon Like Peptide 1 Receptors on the Rewarding Effects of Oxycodone in Male and Female Adolescent Rats

Alyssa Clevenstine

Biological and Agricultural Sciences

Residency of the Protected Giant Sea Bass (Stereolepis Gigas) to New and Historic Aggregation Sites at Santa Catalina Island, CA

Kristen Way

Business, Economics, and Public Administration

Source Protection Areas: Possible Causes for Establishment

Jennifer Montepeque Diaz


Cebolla Que Hace Llorar, da Sabor a la Comida: Promoting College Enrollment for Latinas with Disabilities

Subramaniam Seshadri

Engineering and Computer Science

Predicting Mental State of Social Media Users

Alexandra Mazza & Victoria Cimo

Health Nutrition, and Clinical Sciences

Brain Stimulation and Focus Attention Effects on Motor Control: Do We Get an Additive Effect on Kinetics and Performance

Avery Amerson

Humanities and Letters

Wittgenstein, Extended Cognition, and the Problem of Other Minds

Brenda Villafana, Alexandra Gutierrez, & Scott Lee


Effects of Dual Task and Impaired Vision with Perturbations in Young Adults: A Pilot Study

Phillippe Ly & Codi Pace

Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Rapid Enantiomer Ratio Determination of P-Chiral Compounds with Eu(hfc)3

SRC 2019 Winners

Pictured above are the CSULB Student Research Competition winners: Avery Amerson (top left), Jennifer Montepeque Diaz (top right), Yohanna Brown (bottom left) and  Phillippe Ly (bottom right).

CSULB received three first-place awards, including Avery Amerson in Humanities and Letters, Yohanna Brown in Behavioral and Social Sciences, and Jennifer Montepeque Diaz in Education, as well as one second-place award for Phillippe Ly in Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

Congratulations to all fourteen presenters for sharing their research at the CSU Student Research Competition!