President & Provost Initiative: Faculty Research Awards in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

2022-23 Focus: Racial Equity

Background/Scope of Funding

The University seeks proposals for Faculty Research Awards to promote Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (FRA-EDI) for AY 2022-23. Through this program, we encourage and accept proposals which aim to investigate issues of racial equity, diversity, and inclusion on the CSU Long Beach campus and/or our immediate geographical region that support student access and success.

For the purpose of this program, we are using the following definition of Equity adopted by the CSULB President’s Equity and Change Commission (PECC):

Crafting solutions that meet the needs of different groups based on their histories and access to resources -outcomes oriented (different than equality or sameness; equity deals with specificity). Equity is unfair- deliberately and intentionally so to lead to the outcome of fairness by considering different starting places. (USC, Equity Now! Fall 2020; Adopted by the CSULB PECC)

The goals of the inaugural issue of the new FRA-EDI program feature reliance upon our significant Beach intellectual capital to interrogate campus processes, programming, practices, policies, and norms through a racial EDI lens. The new program supports opportunities to examine the broader scholarship of racial EDI in all disciplines, which can prove valuable in many ways, such as how the campus approaches faculty, staff and student recruitment, retention and success; valuation of teaching, scholarship and service; and knowledge contributed by the Beach to broader national conversations around racial EDI in higher education. Finally, the new program provides a process to explore ways for the Beach academic community to engage in strategic partnerships within the greater Long Beach Community as mutual partners for public good. Results of the research should ultimately help stimulate evidence-based directions toward achieving our campus racial equity goals. Following the inaugural 2021-22 FRA-EDI, other/additional scopes of focus can be considered.

Proposals with merit will be considered from across 4 themes. Preference points should be considered for proposals submitted promote and accelerate discovery with potential for direct campus racial EDI impact and/or demonstrate alignment with and potential to advance targeted Beach 2030 Action Plan(s).

Project Themes

  1. EDI Campus Programming - describe development and evaluation of programming with high scalable potential to advance campus goals toward equity, anti-racism and social justice within the Beach community
  2. EDI Campus Information - use institutional data or collect new data to unpack issues of inequity around student enrollment; persistence; engagement; course and degree completion patterns; Beach faculty, student and employee experiences, or gaps in institutional inclusiveness
  3. EDI Scholarship Across Disciplines – engage in unique scholarship that examines racial EDI processes, norms, practices across disciplines
  4. EDI Partnerships – describe exploration, development and evaluation of high promise partnership concepts with LBC and surrounding community entities toward promoting shared investment in various educational and entrepreneurial racial equity opportunities between CSULB and the community

Review Process

Ten (10) awards of maximum $15,000 will be funded. Participants in this grant program must be a CSULB tenured or tenure-track faculty member. Allowable expenses include faculty assigned time up to 6 WTUs; materials and supplies; data services; publication costs; allowable travel. The award period is for one academic year, renewable to a maximum of 2 years through no-cost extension.

Each academic college will develop and administer the proposal review process for FRA-EDI. One FRA-EDI award will be granted to Business, Education, Engineering, Health and Human Services, Liberal Arts, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, the Arts and the University Library. An additional FRA-EDI award will be provided to Liberal Arts and Health and Human Services as they are larger colleges in terms of FTEF.

It is strongly recommended that each college review committee consists of a diverse group of faculty with representation of professorial rank, race and ethnicity, and gender. They must be committed to advancing the campus EDI goals.

College awards committees could receive applications up to October 21st. The submitted proposals can be reviewed up to October 31st , with announcement of awardees by President Conoley and Provost Scissum Gunn to go out the first week of November.

Proposal Guidelines

Proposals will be limited to five (5) narrative pages with the following proposal components:

  • Project Title
  • FRA-EDI Theme # (1 – 4)
  • Introduction/Background
    • Significance - Please describe the problem that your project is seeking to address. Feel free to include support information such as data, evidence-based practices that demonstrate the need for the project.
    • Project goal/s and outcome/s - Please present measurable goal/s and objective/s for the proposed project.
  • Methodology - Please provide a brief overview of the project plan, including proposed approach and/or activities.
  • Addressing Equity issues - Please provide a brief narrative on the anticipated impact that the project’s outcome/s are expected to impact/advance the FRA-EDI theme selected for the proposal.
  • Sustainability After Project Period
    • Potential for external funding - 1) Briefly describe the potential for project outcomes to serve as preliminary data or other foundation within external funding initiatives or 2) not applicable.
    • Potential institutional scalability - 1) Briefly describe the potential for scaled campus implementation, including resources, personnel, infrastructure etc. to support success or 2) not applicable.
  • Budget and budget justification

Budget Guidelines

Proposal Budget Template-FRA-EDI

Final Report Submission

Final Report is due on October 30 the following year, to be submitted to Academic Affairs, Attn: Provost Scissum-Gunn. There is no required format or template. 

2021-2022 FRA-EDI Award Recipients