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RESEARCH UPDATES: Changes to the NIH Support of Competitive Research (SCORE) Limited Submission Internal Competition Process

Published March 20, 2020

The NIH SCORE grant is a limited submission opportunity offered twice a year. Due to the interest by faculty in pursuing this opportunity and their success in receiving awards, the number of spots available for new applications varies for each grant deadline cycle.

According to SCORE FOAs, an institution may submit individual SC1, SC2 or SC3 applications to a combined maximum of 20 total pending applications and awards at any time. SCORE grants that are in no-cost extension are considered active grants and, therefore, included in the total number of SCORE grants at the institution.

The limited nature of NIH SCORE available spots has encouraged changes to the internal grant competition process with the advisory assistance of faculty. The changes to the internal competition process outlined below were developed to provide greater equity to all potential applicants and to streamline the process.

Internal Competition Changes

  • The process will be conducted using the InfoReady portal. If you need assistance in setting up an account, please use the ORSP email contact information below.
  • A Letter of Intent must be submitted through InfoReady to participate.
  • PIs interested in participating will be pre-screened by ORSP for eligibility.
  • SC2 and SC3 applications are limited to two renewals.
  • No-cost extensions will be limited to one year.
  • Consideration for proposals from tenured and tenure-track faculty will be equitably apportioned based on quality and fundability determined by reviewers’ rankings and the AVP. The AVP for Research and Sponsored Program’s decision is final.
  • Applications may include up to three pages of narrative addressing the scoring rubric criteria (posted on InfoReady) of which one page should describe specific aims. Biosketchs can be up to 5 pages for the PI and each Co-PI and/or key personnel.

The internal competition will be conducted through InfoReady. If you do not have the InfoReady chiclet on your SSO, please email ORSP to request it. You can also access InfoReady at 

If you have questions or need assistance, please email