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RESEARCH UPDATES: 2020 Call for Academic Affairs Awards

Published November 26, 2019

Call for nominations for four Academic Affairs achievement awards – two faculty awards and two student awards – to be presented at the University Achievement Awards & Celebration of Instruction, Research, Creative Activity and Service in mid-April (TBD).

Deadline for Submissions: Nominations and supporting information should be submitted to the respective College Dean’s Office by 5 pm Friday, January 17, 2020. Nomination packages and college recommendation should be submitted via ORSP-Research on Monday, February 3, 2020.



Academic Affairs’ Award for Impact Accomplishment  of  the  Year  in  Research, Scholarly & Creative Activity

Created in 2008 to honor research, scholarly or creative work conducted within the previous 18 months. Examples of accomplishments that may be included as evidence:

  • Peer-reviewed publications such as journal articles or books authored by faculty;
  • Scholarly and creative activities demonstrated or created by faculty;
  • Research/creative  activity  projects  recognized  in  writing  by  peers  in  the  same discipline.

Academic Affairs’ Award for Outstanding Faculty Mentor for Student Engagement in Research, Scholarly & Creative Activity

Established  in  2008  to  honor  student  mentoring  within  the  previous  18  months.  The following are examples of accomplishments that may be included as evidence:

  • Peer-reviewed publications/creative activities jointly authored or created with students;
  • Supervision of students leading to peer-reviewed publications or creative outcomes by the students;
  • Research/creative activity projects with students and/or supervision of student research or theses;
  • Achievements of previous students that the former students themselves attribute in writing to the candidate.

Faculty Award Nomination process  

Nominations should be sent to the Colleges and should contain the following for each faculty award:

  • Nomination letter: not to exceed two pages in length. The nature of the research, scholarly or creative accomplishment or achievements in student research mentorship should be described followed by details justifying the unique nature of the accomplishment.
  • Acceptance letter from nominee together with current CV of nominee



Outstanding Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity Student - Undergraduate Division & Graduate Division

Nominations for the two student awards should contain the following information:

  • Nomination letter (Faculty): not to exceed two pages in length. The nature of the student’s research, scholarly or creative activity should be described indicating the unique nature of their accomplishment.
  • Letter of application (Student): not to exceed two pages in length. The impact of the research, scholarly or creative accomplishment should be described, as well as the significance of the accomplishment within their educational experience.
  • Exemplar: One sample of the accomplishment (i.e. submitted/published paper or poster, picture of artifact, video of recital or performance) accompanied by a description (not to exceed 250 words) suitable for a general audience identifying the student’s role in the project, and its significance within their discipline.
  • Student CV and unofficial transcript

Award winners will be announced in March 2020.  For further information and question please contact Mae DeBruin  at the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.