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Installation for Mac

Please follow the steps below which describe how to download and install the Office 365 desktop applications for Mac.

Logging In

Using a web browser, login at the CSULB Single Sign-on page with your CSULB ID Number and Password.

CSULB login window

Click on the Office 365 chiclet button to continue. 

Chiclet selection area after signing on.


  1. Click on the settings icon (the grey gear shape) in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and then select Office 365 settings.

    Selecting Office 365 setting from the setting menu
  2. Click on software.

    Selecting the Software option
  3. Click on install.

    Selecting the Install option
  4. The installation package for Office will be downloaded to your Downloads folder. When the download is complete, double click on the file Microsoft Office 2016 Installer.pkg.

    Finding the installation file
  5. Continue to click through the installation windows and agreements until you reach a window requesting you to install. Click on Install.

    Standard Install window and selecting the install option
  6. Enter in your Mac password, and click on Install Software. After the application notes its completion, click on Close.

    Entering Mac password and choosing to install software

Finalizing Setup

  1. After closing the install, you'll be presented with information when opening Word. Click on Get Started and then Sign In

    Sign in to Activate window
  2. Type in your CSULB email address and click on Next.

    Sign in  window
  3. Click on Work Account.

    Work Account selection  window
  4. Click on Work or School Account.

    Work or School Account selection  window
  5. Type in your requested CSULB credentials and click on Sign In.

    CSULB credentials  window
  6. From there you can customize your Office settings and begin to use the product.