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Summary of set up

The zip file provided is meant for websites hosted under /webtree If your website resides somewhere else, please contact the to request different template files.

Unzip the contents. Upload.

Server Side Includes

There are 4 main server side includes that are important for the UT to appear and function properly. These files are handled by the Office of Marketing & Communications. These are required template files that wrap around your content.

They are:

  • framework.html
  • header1.html
  • header2.html
  • footer.html

There are other SSI files that we recommend; although it is up to you on how to handle these sections (SSI vs inline) of the template.

  • search.html
  • banner.html
  • nav-horizontal.html
  • nav-left.html -- there can be more than one per section of your website.

Deployment instructions

  1. Choose between Plain HTML vs Contribute Template

  2. Start out by opening the Plain HTML (or Sample Directory in Contribute directory). Your website structure should follow this sample directory.

    • Put all your local CSS/JS in the appropriate directories. You will need to include these within your html files as they are NOT by default.
  3. BANNER: Decide between 1 banner for the entire site OR different banners per page.

    • "1 Banner" style is provided by default. It is a Server Side Include that is inside the /inc directory.
    • To apply different banners per page, replace the SSI code with the contents of the banner.html file in /inc on every page.
  4. SEARCH: By default the search provided is the campus Google Search Appliance. We understand that you may need to use your existing search. Either edit the search.html to use your Site Search or provide another search box in the body content columns.

  5. BREADCRUMBS: These are not automatically generated like the previous template. You can either manually create these or modify the old script to match the new style.

  6. NAVIGATION: The nav-horizontal.html resides in /inc directory.

    • Think of the horizontal menu items as links to sections of your site. It should only show up to three levels. The first level should contain 6-8 different items.
    • The left navigation are the fly out/submenus of the current section of your website. We recommend multiple nav-left-____.html for different sections of your site as needed.
      • NOTE: They are structured like JQuery Accordions.
  7. Once you have decided how you want your site setup, upload all the files and directories to the server.

Missing CSS Styles / Improvements

For any missing CSS Styling, feel free to add the style to your local.css file. Please adhere to the color palette as shown in the Digital Style Guide. If you feel a missing styling should be part of the University Template for others to use, please submit the snippet to with Subject Line: UT Styling Contribution

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