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Current Projects

ÁNDALE Latino Research Training Program

ÁNDALE Latino Research Training

The Advancing Nutrition Development through Alliance for Education and Leadership (ÁNDALE) Latino Research Training Program will train fifty (50) underrepresented undergraduate students in Latino nutrition and disease prevention, enhance their professional development, and engage them in research with a faculty mentor in an effort to better prepare them to enter graduate school or the workforce.

Eat, Play, Go!

Eat, Play, Go!

To address the disproportionate rates of obesity among Latino youth, the CSULB Center will implement the Eat, Play, Go! Integrated Transdisciplinary Research, Education, and Extension Project to Prevent Latino Youth Obesity. The Eat, Play, Go! Project is a youth-focused, family-based intervention to address individual as well as parenting behaviors, and the family/home environment that may place Latino youth at increased risk for overweight and obesity.

Bienestar Living Well with Diabetes

Bienestar Living Well with Diabetes

The overall goal of this study is to determine the most urgent factors and effective strategies to improve Type 2 Diabetes self-management among Latino adults receiving services in community clinics in Long Beach. The research study uses of a mixed-methods approach (quantitative and qualitative) including focus groups and survey data collection. The focus group setting will allow for in-depth discussion of personal experiences with barriers related to diabetes self-management behaviors.

Tobacco Prevention and Education Program

Tobacco Education and Prevention

The Tobacco Prevention and Education Program aims is to learn about Latinos attitudes and perceptions regarding exposure to secondhand smoke in multi-unit housing settings, and to educate about the benefits of smoke-free housing. The CLCH will provide interpretation services for focus groups, conduct trainings to community members and collaborative partners, conduct presentations to community groups, and assist with the planning and implementation of 1 smoke-free multi-unit housing community forum.