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Understanding the % Attendance Calculation

The % Attendance field is calculated by adding the total assigned % for each status and then dividing it by the number of statuses that have an assigned %. This is represented using the following illustrated formula:

Sum of Assigned % / Total of statuses with an Assigned % x 100

To understand how this calculation works in practice, consider a scheme with the following set of statuses:

Symbol Status Full Name Assigned % Order
P Present 100 1
A Absent 0 2
L Late 75 3
AA Authorized Absent   4

If the associated register has four sessions and you assign a user each of the above statuses (one for each session), their % Attendance would include the P, A, and L statuses and ignore the AA status since its Assigned % is blank. As such, the user would have a % Attendance of 58.33 ((100+0+ 75)/(100x3)x100=58.33). Adding an Assigned % of 100 to the AA status would change the user’s % Attendance to 68.75 ((100+0+75+100)/(100x4)x100=68.75).