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Editing the Calculated or Adjusted Final Grades

You can edit the name of the calculated final grade; change whether users’ grades can exceed the max. points or weight for the final grade; apply a grade scheme to the final grade; associate an activity with the final grade; or change what grade options display in the grade book for the final grade.

You can specify whether users can see the class average or grade distribution for the final grade, and set release conditions for when the final grade is visible.

Edit the Calculated Final Grade

  1. From the Manage Grades area, click on the name Final Calculated Grade.
  2. Update the fields.
  3. Click Save.

Editing Grade Items After Users’ Grades Have Been Entered

Editing the Max. Points, Weight, Bonus, or Can Exceed fields for a grade item that already has grades entered for it can drastically change users’ recorded achievement. Make sure you consider how grades are affected before you make changes and review and adjust users’ grades after wards.


  • You raise the Max. Points for a grade item from 10 to 20. A user who previously had 10/10 now has a grade of 10/20.
  • You lower the Max. Points for a grade item from 12 to 10 when Can Exceed is not selected. A user who previously had 11/12 now has 10/10.