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Converting Three Column Homepages to Two

With the transition to Beachboard 2018, instructors using custom three column layouts on their course homepages should take a look at converting those homepages to two columns. 

  • Step 1: Select Edit Course  

    Edit Course button highlighted on the navbar
  • Step 2: From the upcoming screen select Homepages

    Homepages highlighted in the edit course area.
  • Step 3: Select Create Homepage

    The Create Homepage button highlighted in the editor
  • Step 4: Enter a name and description for your homepage
  • Step 5: From the Type dropdown menu select Widget-based

    Highlighting the widget-based selection as described in the text
  • Step 6: Click on the Change Layout button to select your desired two column layout 

    Change layout button highlighted
  • Step 7Select your desired Layout

    The layout selection screen
  • Step 8: To add Widgets to your homepage, click Add Widgets

    Add widgets button highlighted on the layout choice screen
  • Step 9: Add widgets from the System Widgets and Custom Widgets

    System and Custom widgets highlighted in the selector
  • Step 10: Save and close

    Save and close highlighted


Here's an example of a converted two column page:

Two column Beachboard homepage