Annual Accomplishments & Metrics - 2018/19

A young lady using a computer and wearing a telephone headse

Technology Assistance

DoIT implemented a new IT Help ticketing system in August 2018.

  • 20,000 IT Help tickets resolved among all college and department tech groups.
  • 7,600 Technology Help Desk tickets resolved
  • 11,300 emails received by THD 
  • 31,000 calls received by THD 


Prevented Cyber Attacks

Campus network security systems intercept and block cyber attacks regularly:

  • 60,000 malware attacks & intrusion attempts per week on average
  • 300,000 on peak weeks, such as start of semesters (five-fold increase)

Mobile device using wireless network

Mobile Devices Using Wireless Network

  • Over 40,000 unique mobile devices use the campus Wi-Fi network on an average day.
  • Over 53,000 unique mobile devices access the Wi-Fi network on peak days.

Wireless network symbol surrounded by various wireless devic

Expanded Wireless Network Coverage

  • 2,300 wireless access points exist across the campus.
  • An approximate 5% increase this year compared to previous year.
  • Over 100 new wireless access points were installed this year, half of which were upgrades of existing hardware.

Network hardware ports

Increasing Campus Network Traffic

  • 20 Terabytes of data moves across the campus data network on a typical academic day
  • 35 Terabytes of data is processed on the network on peak days such as those during the first week of the Fall semester.

Generic email inbox

Inbound Campus Email

  • 54 million email messages received by students, faculty and staff.
  • This is a 74% increase over last year. Much of this can be attributed to students now receiving official campus communications to their campus email account.

Laptop computer with someone pressing keyboard and email ico

Outbound Campus Email

  • Over 18 million student, faculty and staff email messages were sent via the campus email system.
  • This a 46% increase over last year. Much of this can be attributed to students now receiving official campus communications to their campus email account.

Person holding an office phone

Campus Phone Calls

  • 1.5 million inbound calls received by the campus phone system
  • 450,000 outbound calls processed by the campus phone system

Woman speaking into a mobile phone

Automated Phone Call Recognition

  • Nearly 122,000 automated speech recognition phone calls were received and routed by the campus phone system. This number is believed to be decreasing because email and direct calls to extensions is used more each year.

Students looking at a robot at Tech Day

3rd Annual Tech Day In 2018

  • An estimated 6,500 students, faculty, and staff attended the third annual campus Tech Day
  • 41 booth exhibits (11 of which were outside technology vendors) showcased campus technology services

Single Sign-On login screen

Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • Over 52,000 campus users access SSO
  • 51 services available via SSO
  • 30% increase in campus services available over the previous year

Someone on a laptop in a data center room

More Computing Capacity Using Less Energy

  • The number of campus servers increased compared to the previous year while data center energy consumption has decreased to 430,000 kilowatt hours annually.
  • This is a 20% reduction in energy consumption compared to last year’s 540,000 kilowatt hours.

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Technology Procurement Compliance Reviews

  • 441 campus technology purchases have been reviewed this year as part of the new Procurement Compliance Review process between DoIT and Procurement & Contractual Services. The process involves addressing accessibility, security, and effective campus-wide service coordination.

Laptop with student virtual lab icon on the screen

Student Virtual Labs

Convenient web accessible campus-licensed software available for teaching and learning anytime and anywhere:

  • 39 courses use the service
  • Over 1200 students have used the service within peak months.
  • The number of courses using SVL within peak months has more than doubled since the previous year, and the number of students accessing the service has increased by 50%.

Person with a laptop pressing a box

Digital Signatures

The use of DocuSign has been steadily increasing since its near two years of service.

  • Over 22,000 digital “envelopes” sent this year compared to 15,000 last year.
  • 47% increase in use.

Women on a computer with screen showing a padlock

Information and Data Security Education

  • 4,310 employees completed the new CSU training on Data Security and FERPA.
  • 3722 employees participated in Phishing Awareness training.
  • 350+ new employees have been trained on Information Security issues during 28 New Employee Orientation Training sessions this year.

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Multifactor Authentication

Introduced 2-factor authentication this year:

  • 632 employees (technical staff and CFS users) use it to access privileged systems and classified information.