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Research Mentors

Faculty Participation - Research Mentors

Faculty participation is a key component of the campus-wide Graduate Research Conference. Faculty can participate in multiple ways:

  • Motivate graduate students to submit a research summary for the conference and/or to attend the conference.
  • Attend the conference and show support for your graduate student(s)—and encourage other faculty to attend the conference.
  • Serve as a paper discussant or roundtable chair (See Proposal Submission for a description of paper presentations and roundtable discussions).

Serving as a paper discussant or roundtable chair is particularly important. It is through this role that faculty provide constructive feedback and commentary to students.

Faculty who serve in either of these roles will complete two tasks:

  • Review final papers for paper presentations or roundtable discussions. Faculty reviewers receive three papers on Friday, November 3, 2017 and prepare commentary for the conference.
  • Serve as a paper discussant or roundtable chair at the conference. The conference takes place on Monday, November 13, 2017, from 4-7 PM.

Faculty participation is central to the Conference and there are many ways to support the event. Interested faculty should fill out a Research Mentor Form to let us know how you can make this event successful.