Faculty Volunteer

Faculty Participation - Volunteer

Faculty participation is a key component of the campus-wide Graduate Research Conference / Grad Slam Competition. Faculty can participate in multiple ways:

  • Motivate graduate students to submit a proposal for the conference.
  • Serve as a roundtable chair (see Roundtable Sessions for a description of roundtable discussions).
  • Serve as a juror for the Grad Slam Competition.

Role of the Roundtable Chair

Faculty who serve in this role will be asked to review 3-5 abstracts prior to the event and will facilitate a discussion with the student group during a 60-minute virtual session. It is through this role that faculty provide constructive feedback and commentary to students (e.g., overall research design, lit review, methods, data/data collection, analysis, etc.). The virtual conference takes place on Tuesday, November 16, 2021 from 4-7pm.

Role of the Juror for the Grad Slam Competition

Faculty who serve as Jurors in the Grad Slam Competition will be asked to view and score pre-recorded 3-minute video submissions, according to the Grad Slam scoring rubric. Jurors will be asked to submit ratings for their assigned video submissions by Tuesday, November 16th. Because the video submissions are pre-recorded, Jurors do not need to attend a live event or make themselves available on November 16th.

Interested faculty should fill out a Faculty Volunteer Form to let us know how you can make this event successful.