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Dr. Sarah Taylor

Dr. Sarah Taylor is serving as the CSULB Faculty Fellow for Service Learning.  

I am supporting faculty in developing service learning classes, as well as supporting faculty in teaching these classes during online learning due to the pandemic

Link to: CSULB Center for Community Engagement

Academic Area: 
Child Development and Family Studies

Certified Family Life Educator


  • Ph.D. in Human Sciences, University of Nebraska-Lincoln                                                                                     
    • Specialization: Child, Youth & Family Studies
    • Ph.D. Minor: Women’s and Gender Studies
    • Mixed Methods Research Certificate
  • M.A. in Child, Youth & Family Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • B.A. in Psychology (Mental Health Emphasis), Doane College

Research Interests

  • Intimate Partner Violence
  • Gender Roles and Sexism
  • Girls and Women in the Family Context
  • Cross-Cultural Family Well-being
  • Program Development & Evaluation

Select Publications

  • Taylor, S. & Xia, Y. (In Press). Preparing FCS professionals: Understanding intimate partner violence advocacy using the Social Ecological Model. Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences.
  • Taylor, S., Do, K. A., Qin, S., de Guzman, M.R.T., & Xia, Y. (2019). Youth perspectives of experiential learning delivery: Findings from a 4-H youth program. Journal of Human Sciences and Extension, 7(1), 79-91.
  • Taylor, S. & Xia, Y. (2018). Cyber dating abuse: A systematic review. Violence and Victims, 33(6), 983-1011.
  • Taylor, S., & Xia, Y. (2018). Teaching strategies for exposing students to culturally diverse Families. Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences, 110(2), 57-62.
  • Taylor, S. (2018). Women in North Korea. In Women's Lives around the World: A Global Encyclopedia. Westport, CT: ABC-CLIO/Greenwood.
  • Taylor, S. (2018). Women in Vietnam. In Women's Lives around the World: A Global Encyclopedia. Westport, CT: ABC-CLIO/Greenwood.
  • Taylor, S., Calkins, C. A., Xia, Y., & Dalla, R. L. (2017). A youth perspective on adolescent dating violence: A qualitative study. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. 1-21. Advance Online Publication. Doi: 10.1177/0886260517726969
  • Xia, Y., Taylor, S., de Guzman, M.R.T. (2016). Evaluation of the Health Rocks! program: The association of youth engagement with program outcomes. Journal of Youth Development, 11(3), 95-104