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Research Consultants


Through a collaboration between the College and the Center for Evaluation and Educational Effectiveness, research consultants are available during Fall and Spring semesters to conduct workshops and offer individual consultations related to qualitative and quantitative research projects and theses, grant proposals, instrument design, data analysis and more. Consultants are available for faculty, staff, and students.

Qualitative Consultant:  Dr. Jonathan O’Brien

Quantitative Consultant:  Dr. Misty Sawatzky

What Kind of Support Can Students, Staff and Faculty Expect?

  • Workshops on both qualitative and quantitative research design, analysis and tools
  • 30-60 minute 1:1 consultations on:
  • Ideas for design and analysis in preparation of research projects, instrument design, theses and grant proposals
  • Methodology plans for research projects, theses and/or grant proposals
  • Conducting data analysis procedures after data collection
  • At the discretion of the consultant, limited pre-meeting review of portions of written proposals, thesis chapters, or articles

What is Beyond the Scope of the Consultants’ Work?

  • Running statistics and/or conducting analyses for a student or faculty member
  • Writing any portion of theses/projects, research papers or grant proposals
  • Reading and commenting on full proposals, chapters, IRB applications, etc.
  • Instrument development (consultation and feedback will be provided on general design)
  • Teaching foundational quantitative and qualitative research principles, analysis techniques, etc.

Steps for Students and Faculty Working with a Consultant (Fall and Spring only)

  • Begin by completing a diagnostic form to begin the process of working with a consultant:
  •  Qualitative   
  •  Quantitative
  • Your consultant will then advise you on how long the meeting should take and how you can schedule your appointment
  • Bring with you to the meeting:
  •  Any directions you have (a rubric, RFP, etc.) related to research design
  •  Your research questions
  •  Your outline for a portion of your written work and/or a written component of the project
  •  Specific questions about the project

Questions? Problems with the Google form? Contact CEEE at x58868 or