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The quest for knowledge through research that deepens and enriches our educational experience, adds to the greater body of knowledge, and provides for the public good

fatherly and child

Paternal well-being

CSULB researcher: early involvment with newborns could alleviate depression in fathers.

student teachers on Zoom

Distance Learning

Tech-savvy student teachers give mentors lesson in online instruction

Students on campus

Closing the Digital Divide

CSULB to supply laptops and internet hotpots for students



Untangling DNA

Dr. Alex Klotz explores parasite DNA and how it can treat diseases

Dr. Kalman and a student in the lab

Fuel Rewards

Dr. Joseph Kalman looks at what happens moments after rockets ignite

Students on campus

Bio-Inspired Solutions

Dr. Fangyuan Tian’s research is inspired by her love of nature

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