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Student Training

 Not Anymore

Not Anymore - Title IX Mandatory Online Training

Welcome to CSULB's online mandatory student online sexual violence prevention training program. California State University, Long Beach is committed to providing a safe and inclusive learning and working environment for all students. To this end, we are requiring a mandatory online training to ensure students understand their rights, University resources, and prevention efforts regarding sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, rape, and stalking. The training program is called “Not Anymore” and issued through a vendor, called Student Success. 

The information in the online training may raise questions and concerns for those who are survivors of sexual violence. For confidential support regarding sexual violence, including sexual assault, please contact Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) at 562.985.4001 or Brotman Hall, Suite 226. Additional campus and community resources are available on our Title IX Website.

Access and Instructions

Please follow the steps below to access the training:

  1. Visit the Student Succss training website
  2. Log into the training site using your Beach ID and password 
  3. You may complete the training in one session, approximately 45-60 minutes. If you choose to complete the training in multiple sessions, you may stop and save your training at any time. You will need to log back in with your Beach ID and password to resume the training.
  4. When you are finished, the site provides a Certificate of Completion. Please print and retain a copy for your records. If you have a registration hold because of this training requirement, the hold will be removed after one full business day. Please be sure to factor the 1 business day to process training completions into your training plans.

The training program is compatible with most desktop computers, laptops, and tablets and requires a stable internet connection. For technical service and assistance regarding training access, please contact

For University questions regarding registration holds, campus and community resources, and the Title IX reporting process please contact Equity & Diversity at or 562.985.8256.

Employee Trainings

The Employee Online Training program is currently undergoing improvements and is on hold until further notice. Employees will receive notice once the new training system is launched and available for completion.

The online employee prevention trainings listed below are required by federal, state, and University policy to train employees on appropriately preventing, identifying, and reporting forward discrimination, harassment, and retaliation (DFEH Pamphlet (PDF)).

CSU Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct Prevention Program (ALL EMPLOYEES)

This is a 30-45 minute mandatory training completed every year by employees who do not manage employees or student workers. You may take this training in one sitting or stop and save as you go. This training is required, by the Chancellor, of all employees (Staff, Faculty, Managers, and Student Employees) every year. It is mandated by federal law and annual completion is required. We encourage you to maintain a copy your certificate of completion for your department’s records.  

Note: Student Assistants will not have access via the Single Sign-On page. Student Assistants will receive a direct hyperlink from their supervisor's to access the required training.

CSU Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct Prevention Program (SUPERVISORS ONLY)

This is a 2-hour mandatory training required every other year for employees who supervise one or more employees, including student workers.You may take this training in one sitting or stop and save as you go. We encourage you to maintain a copy your certificate of completion for your department’s records. 

Supervisors are required to complete both the employee training as well as this additional supervisor training. If you are required to take this training, you will be contacted via e-mail. If you believe you have been assigned this training in error, please email or call Equity & Diversity at 562.985.8256 during the 8AM-5PM business hours.

Access Instructions

  1. Access the CSULB Single Sign-on with your campus ID number and password
  2. Select the SumTotal Chiclet from the home menu
  3. Once logged in, there is a two minute video tutorial on the landing page.

Compatible Browsers:

  • Google Chrome v63+ (Windows 7, 8.1, 10)
  • Mozilla Firefox v52+ (Windows 7, 8.1, 10)
  • Microsoft Edge v14+ (Windows 10 only)

Frequently Asked Questions

*If you believe that you may need to reset your Single Sign-On password or you are having technical difficulties, please contact If you believe you received this email in error or you are no longer an active employee with CSULB, please contact Equity & Diversity at 562.985.8256 or  

Equity & Diversity Offered Trainings 

Equity & Diversity provides training for campus constituents related to discrimination, harassment, and retaliation as well as Title IX (sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, dating and domestic violence, and stalking). To request an in-person department or division training from Equity & Diversity please contact our office at 562.985.8256.