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Service Improvements



E- Transcript Electronic PDF via email within 24 hours.
CSULB is now offering transcripts in an electronic PDF format.  Students can send electronic transcripts to any valid email address (e.g., another college or university, third-party recipient or themselves). 

Transition Phase - Relocations 

Per their request, we relocated staff who had been dispersed across offices back into work clusters and departments so that teams were working in closer proximity. Over the course of three months in 2018, over 134 staff and their workstations were moved within Brotman Hall.

Virtual Queuing System (QLess) 

To improve the student experience by reducing the amount of time students have to wait in line at our windows, we implemented a virtual queuing system that allows students to jump in the queue from wherever, then roam free on campus and be summoned when it’s time for them.

Form Scanning

To reduce our carbon footprint, ES will reduce the amount of paper used and stored within Enrollment Services. To begin, ES Intake Specialists will scan forma at the windows, returning the original to the students. Eventually, secure document uploading online will eliminate the need for the student to come in, and allow them to scan and upload a document from anywhere, or complete an interactive form instead.

Service Excellence Training 

In order to improve the customer service delivery of staff in Enrollment Services, we have launched a 6-hour Service Excellence training program that elaborates on service standards and service delivery techniques.

Restructure and Realignment

We have restructured our organizational chart to streamline functions in order to better serve our students as customers, improving turnaround time and simplyfying our processing workflow

New Student Services Department

The creation of Beach Central is to offer students one location to ask questions about Financial Aid, Student Records and Admissions. This new department consists of Intake staff and co-located Counselors from all three areas of Enrollment Services.

Cross Trained Intake Staff

Our Intake Staff at the windows and on the phones are trained to answer questions regarding Financial Aid, Student Records and Admissions. This means that a student doesn’t always have to waiot to see multiple staff members for answers to their questions.

Updated Websites 

Online Enrollment Verifications 

Online FERPA Disclosure 

Student can now complete their FERPA Form completely online rather than having to drop off their form in person.

Online Incomplete Contract

Now a faculty member can extend an Incomplete Contract online in the student information system, rather than in a paper contract that must be circulate for required signatures and approvals.