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Student Administration System FAQ

The Student Administration system is CSULB's system that is used to maintain students' academic and financial information, generate administrative reports, and complete related business processes. This system is only available to authorized staff and faculty to support official university business.

What is PeopleSoft?

PeopleSoft is the vendor that produces the Internet-based software being implemented across all 23 CSU campuses as the main system of record for Human Resources, Finance, and Student Administration. For more information about this software vendor, visit the PeopleSoft site.

What is the Common Management System (CMS) project?

CMS represents a collaborative approach by all 23 CSU campuses to develop a common application software system, which we anticipate will also facilitate more effective and efficient business practices and operations. These new systems should enable the campus to be more responsive to the needs of faculty, staff and students by providing enhanced data access and streamlined business processes. 

What is a Campus ID and where can I get mine?

Your 9-digit campus ID number uniquely identifies you and replaces the use of your Social Security Number in all personnel documentation. If you are unsure of your employee ID number, please contact your department timekeeper. Become familiar with this number as it is used for things such as; registering for training and logging into the Student Administration system.

How do I get access to the Student Administration system?

The Student Administration system is only available to authorized staff and faculty to support official university business. Faculty members who are assigned to teach at least one class in the current semester automatically receive limited access to the student system through the MyCSULB Faculty Center.

Staff and faculty who need additional access may request access by following the instructions on the Student Administration System Access page.

How do I register for training?

Register for training on the Student Administration System Training page. Training and system access will only be approved if they are appropriate for you and your position with the university. Before registering for training, you will need to follow the instructions to request access on the Student Administration System Access page. After your forms are processed, you may register for user training.

Where are the training rooms located?

The ITS Training Room is located in Brotman Hall 180D. You can find this building using the CSULB Campus Maps page.

What is the web address of the Student Administration system?

Once you've filed the appropriate security documents and completed training, you'll be able to log in to the Student Administration System by selecting the Student Administration chiclet in Single Sign-On.

Screenshot of Student Administration chiclet in Single Sign-On

I've recently changed positions at the university and need new/different access to the system, what do I need to do?

You are required to submit new security documents if you change positions within the university. This helps us understand your new system access needs. After you submit your new security documents, you may register for training sessions to obtain your additional system access.

I am a campus employee who wasn't assigned a Campus ID but I need access to the Student Administration system, what do I need to do?

All employees who are paid through the State Controller are automatically assigned a Campus ID number. Employees who are paid through the foundation or auxiliaries are not automatically assigned this number. If you do not have a Campus ID number, you are still required to submit the Student Administration system security forms. On the System Security Authorization form, you'll need to indicate that you have no Campus ID and which department you work for (for example, Foundation). When we receive your forms, we may request you to submit specific payroll and/or contract paperwork to verify your position with the university. Upon verification, we will assign you a Campus ID, which will allow you to proceed in the process of registering for training and receiving system security.

Where can I find up-to-date business process guides?

Many of the guides distributed during training sessions are also posted on the Business Process Guides page. This helps us keep the most recent versions of the Business Process Guides available to you. Due to the content of these guides, you will need to log in using Single Sign-On in order to access them.