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Building the Narrative

“When people tell stories, they are not just sharing knowledge, but building relationships and expressing beliefs.”

In Enrollment Services we’ve been changing our culture over the past months in order to improve our service! Rather than talking about the theories, we’ve been gathering to unpack the past and build a new future, by replacing old stories with new ones that better describe the office we are becoming.

“Why stories? Facts alone may provide information, but a story gives you context that connects those facts to people, situations, and events. It gives them meaning. Give people facts without a story, and they will create a story to make sense of the facts.   Stories are learning tools. Since language began, a story was the best way to share an experience so that others could learn from it."

                                                                                                                Liminal Thinking, Dave Gray

Keep checking this page as we will share our Enrollment Services stories soon...