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Program Requirements

Mandatory Orientation

Upon acceptance to the program, candidates will be invited to a mandatory orientation meeting at which time they will complete an Individualized Induction Plan (IIP) with the Clear Credential program coordinator. This program planner will assist candidates in taking courses in an appropriate sequence. It is important that candidates take courses in the advised sequence in order to complete their program requirements in a timely manner.

Credential Activities

  • Development of an Individualized Induction Plan (IIP)
  • Supervised observations with a university faculty member
  • Development of a Portfolio, which includes observation logs, lesson plans and reflections

Credential Requirements

The Clear credential requires 12-units of upper division and graduate courses that must be taken at the 500/600-level taken at CSULB. Credential requirements include the following courses:

Foundation Courses (6 units)

  • EDSP 546A Practicum in Special Education (2 units)
  • EDSP 546B Practicum in Special Education (1 units)
  • EDSP 550 Emerging Perspectives in Special Education (3 units)

Specialization Courses (6 units, select any 2 of the following courses)

  • EDSP 525 Advocacy and the Social Context of Disability (3 units)
  • EDSP 535 Collaborative Partnerships and Effective Communication in School Settings (3 units)
  • EDSP 577 Instructional Methods and Strategies for Individuals with Mild/Moderate Disabilities (3 units)
  • EDSP 578 Instructional Methods and Strategies for Individuals with Moderate/Severe Disabilities (3 units)
  • EDSP 582 Research in Special Education: Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction (3 units)