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Jimmy Huynh

Jimmy Huynh is an industrial designer, videographer, 3D product animator, social media Influencer, and educator. Since receiving his BS degree in Industrial Design (magna cum lade) at CSULB in 2017, he has been working full time as an industrial designer, developing consumer electronics peripherals for PC, console, and mobile gamers.

Jimmy has appeared on the golf club design television show, Wilson Driver vs. Driver, Seasons 1 & 2, aired on NBC Golf Channel. He is a recipient of the Duncan Anderson Memorial Scholarship Award in 2015. Jimmy is passionate about helping students build successful careers in industrial design, reaching millions of designers from across the world through his industrial design focused youtube channel, Jimmy Design.

fan design by Jimmy Huynh

lamp design by Jimmy Huynh

chargeplay clutch and mouse design by Jimmy Huynh

PS4 charger and headset design by Jimmy Huynh