David Landells

Lecturer Landells has over 12 years experience in the field of architecture and construction and has worked with some of the most prominent firms in California including LPA, Fluor Corporation, and Mark Singer Architects. He was the principal designer for KCS a small design build firm in the City of Commerce from 2003-2005 and spent two years working as a Project Manager for a General Contractor that specialized in commercial construction. David is currently a Design Consultant and Project Manager for Anders Lasater Architects an award winning design firm in Laguna Beach which focuses on commercial, retail and fine home design.


He has taught with the Design Department Since 2007—teaching fundamentals course work, furniture design, and computer-aided drafting. He has been teaching at the CSULB Center for Continuing and Professional Education since 2009.


The exterior of the building Ironworkers Training Center.

The interior of a metal building.The outside of the Ironworkers Training Center building logo.

Metal rods.A photograph of building beams.

An interior photograph of a room.