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Peter Kolstad

Peter Kolstad

Adjunct Faculty, 

Color Correction

California State University at Long Beach

  • Blackmagic Certified Resolve Instructor
  • Four Years Avid Symphony Colorist & Finishing Editor
  • 20 Years Avid & Digital Workflow Solutions for Post Production Environments



BA from Carleton College

Northfield, MN

MFA from American Film Institute Conservatory

Peter is a freelance colorist who worked for more than twelve years as a digital post-production manager at USC School of Cinematic Arts.  During four of those years he served as one of a team of three staff colorists, all of whom worked, in addition to their regular duties, to color advanced student projects at USC Cinematic Arts.  Two of the USC films he worked were featured at the Cannes Film Festival Short Films Corner.  In addition to lecturing at CSULB, Peter has taught color correction/color grading at Brooks Institute and Loyola Marymount University.  As a post-production consultant and workshop leader, his clients have included Warner Brothers, National University, and Humboldt State.  Prior to working full-time at USC, he was assistant editor on the independent feature Subterfuge, and an IT help desk tech at HBO's Creative Division in Century City.


Blind Ghost.  2021. Feature film.



Goodbye to All Cats, directed by Susan Bloom. 2018.  Long-form documentary.

Colorist, Sound Mixer.


The Healing Tree, directed by Frances E. Chang.  2016.  Animated short.  Featured at the Cannes Film Festival.



Tales from the Riverbank, directed by Michael Berry, Jr.  2015.  Narrative short.

Colorist and Digital Effects


Frat House Musical, directed by Jin Yoo-Kim 2012.  TV series.  (Part of Subway's Fresh Artists Filmmakers program.)  Winner: First Place, ATAS Foundation College Television Awards. 

Colorist:  all three episodes


Soaring on Invisible Wings, directed by Jamari Perry, 2012. Documentary short selected for Cannes Film Festival.



Jeff and Ravi Fail History, directed by Daniel Hanna 2011.  Distributed by My Damn Channel

Colorist:  all three episodes

What is a colorist?

If you type "colorist" into a search engine you might perhaps wonder whether a colorist is a type of hair stylist or perhaps something else.  Digital colorist might be a more descriptive label for what we do, though most people in the film industry know us simply by the word "colorist."  Here's what the Colorist Society International says about our work:

Colorists are specialists in color design and the manipulation of motion pictures in post-production. ... Colors, their hue and brightness, as well as image contrast can be altered in great detail for the whole image or selected parts in order to create a consistent, creative look for the whole motion picture

What does a colorist do?

We like to get involved with the production of a script as early as possible, so we can make suggestions as to final creative look of the film.  Because color sessions are often done toward the end of the filmmaking process, colorists may be asked about camera-through-post-production workflows: which codec/format is best to use, how to employ color management to ensure consistency, which exports are best for specific audience viewing environments, and so on.