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Scholarships are vital to ensuring the success of our students on their journey as aspiring filmmakers and scholars. Each year as a result of our generous College of the Arts and Film & Electronic Arts donors, we award film students scholarships for the upcoming fall and spring semester. Donor support allows film students to focus on their academic excellence while pursuing practical and invaluable skills through participation in extra-curricular activities, internships, clubs and organizations, and more. We are so fortunate to have the support of individuals and organizations such as The Hollywood Foreign Press AssociationEntertainment Partners, Fine Arts Affiliates, Dramatic Allied Arts Guild, and more. 

Join us in celebrating our 2020-2021 scholarship recipients!


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How to Apply

Scholarship applications for the 2021-2022 academic year have now closed.

To apply for a Film & Electronic Arts Scholarship, please complete the following steps on Beach Scholarships.

Students applying for scholarships must be enrolled in the following academic year to receive funding.

For an additional step by step guide on how to apply for Beach Scholarships, check out Financial Aid's Scholarship "How to" Youtube Video

  • Login to Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Click on Beach Scholarships
  • Fill out the general application consisting of five short answer questions
    • Filling out the general application will automatically put you in the pool for College of the Arts (COTA) scholarships and University-Wide Scholarships. Some scholarships have additional questions and qualifications to apply.
  • Fill out the Film & Electronic Arts (FEA) application
    • Upload your resume
    • Select your track
    • Indicate your employment status (working/not working/) and the number of hours you work per week
    • (Optional) Upload 1-3 examples from your body of work to be considered for additional COTA scholarships. Body of work submissions may be in the form of unlisted YouTube links or a Vimeo password-protected links
  • Check your "Recommended List" after completing the general and department application for additional University-Wide Scholarships

Application Dates

University-Wide, College of the Arts, and Film & Electronic Arts Scholarships:

  • Open: January 19th
  • Close: March 5th 11:59pm

Note: These scholarships are disbursed to student accounts the following fall and spring semester the week prior to the classes beginning along with student financial aid packages.

“Education has always been extremely important to me, which is why I’ve dreamed of going to a university to further my academics, while at the same time, finetune my filmmaking skills. This award will significantly help me financially achieve my educational and creative goals, especially as a student paying out-of-state tuition. My goal as a filmmaker is to continue what I’ve started on YouTube and use comedy as a tool to spread happiness and inspire people all around the world to view life in a lighter way. Thank you for helping artists like myself take one step closer to our dreams.”
-- Leia Everett, Fine Arts Affiliates Scholarship

Scholarships and Donors

Many of our students work long hours to afford the cost of their education and the added expenses of pursuing a film degree. Scholarships are crucial as they assist students with educational costs and graduating without the crushing burden of student loan debt. Donor support continues to enhance the quality of education and opportunities our Film & Electronic Arts students receive at CSULB.

Support film students by donating to our FEA Production Scholarship Fund