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22 West Media

22 West is a student run, student driven multimedia company at Long Beach State University. We encompass a radio station, video production company, and magazine. We're a space for students to express themselves and get hands on with media production.  Any student with an interest in media is welcome to join the team. We accept any level of experience. We're located at the bottom floor of the USU, so stop by and say hi!

If anybody has a project you are interested in producing you can pitch it to the video staff. Please have any interested filmmakers contact Shruthi Anand for more details on pitch requirements so you can produce content with 22 West Media!

Meeting Information


Thursdays @ 5PM 

Note: if you would like to receive emails/zoom links to 22 West Video meetings email


Executive Producer at 22 West Video: Shruthi Anand

Editor in Chief at 22 West Magazine: Kaleen Luu

General Manager at 22 West Radio: Isaac Gordon


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