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Predictive Analytics Teams

Faculty researchers are pursuing research related to student success. The three selected proposals are the following:

  • Impact of Class Scheduling at CSULB on 4- and 2-year Graduation Rates
    by Chung-min Lee (CNSM), James von Brecht (CNSM), Eun Heui Kim (CNSM)
  • Shooting for a Better, Fast, and More Efficient System: A Study on Students' Timely Progress to Graduation
    by Xuemei (Sherry) Su (CBA), Ming Chen (CBA), and Hongyu Chen (CBA)
  • Rising Tides & Changing Trends: Utilizing Survival Analysis and Qualitative Inquiry to Examine Challenges to Freshman Timely Degree Progress
    by Avery Olson (CED), Erika Kato (CED), and Don Haviland (CED)