California State University, Long Beach
The College of the Arts and the Department of Dance present

Variance: 2021 Fall Dance Concert

STREAMING LIVE from the Martha B. Knoebel Dance Theater! November 18-19 at 8pm

Featuring choreographic works by: Faculty Tsiambwom Akucku, Danzel Thompson-Stout, and Andrew Vaca
BFA Candidates David Bernal, Kevin Holland, Yukiko Nimura, and Aisha Reddick
Concert Director: Rebecca Lemme

Tickets are $15 per stream via Eventbrite.

Digital Playbill (PDF)

Thursday November 18th Show

Friday November 19th Show

Audio Description and CC version of Variance: 2021 Dance Concert (Available December 16th)

LONG BEACH, CA -- The CSULB College of the Arts and Department of Dance present Variance with performances Thursday and Friday, November 18 and 19 at 8pm. Variance is the 5th annual presentation of BFA and faculty work featuring premieres by Tsiambwom Akuchu, Danzel Thompson-Stout, and Andrew Vaca, and BFA Candidates David Bernal, Kevin Holland, Yukiko Nimura, and Aisha Reddick. An audio described version of the show will be available shortly after the live premiere.

After over a year of dancing through a screen, the CSULB Department of Dance is ecstatic to return to the stage as we begin celebrating 50 years as a department. Help us cheer on these makers and movers in this seminal moment by joining us through our virtual presentation streamed LIVE from the Martha B. Knoebel Dance Theater.

For his 25th original dance piece created for CSULB, Andrew Vaca presents “Gallivanting,” set to a swinging jazz score created by the Director of Jazz Studies at CSULB’s Bob Cole Conservatory of Music, Jeff Jarvis. Connecting to and at times separating from Jarvis’ score, dancers imbue the momentum and drive of the piece while discovering the excitement of moving through an unknown cityscape filled with possibilities.  

New to the faculty this year are esteemed performers and choreographers Tsiambwom Akuchu and Danzel Thompson-Stout, who will both be premiering work in Variance

Tsiambwom Akuchu presents “the void,” a group work that journeys through shifting forms and internal states. Highlighting a myriad of street and contemporary styles, Akuchu’s dancers break through in flashes of expression as they collectively describe a sense of being.

Closing the show is an incredibly powerful solo choreographed and danced by Danzel Thompson-Stout. “W O R T H” is a solo exploration that focuses on the internal journey of coming to one’s ownership of self. Set as an improvisational score, this solo undergoes various modes that highlight varying habitual movements, aesthetics, and intentions that are specific to the performer's expression and cultural lineage. Danzel dedicates this solo to the late, great Dr. Kariamu Welsh.

Kevin Holland’s premiere opens the show with a bombastic, energetic display of physical prowess. With an original composition by composer Caden Barlett, the dancers push their kinespheres through a puzzle of angular and arching phrase work, dazzling with their ability to push themselves to their maximum and beyond. 

“ɿɘvɘƨ bnɒ ɔnγƨ” (sync and sever)created by Aisha Reddick, is inspired by the improvisational task of trying to detach from one’s own reflection. The dancers move deliberately through linear space, trying at once to stay together even as their desire for individual agency begins to pull them apart.

David Bernal premieres “Ternal Impetus,” a sextet depicting a battle for the betterment of the self. As the two primary figures walk a tightrope of entanglement, the fragile bond between them threatens to break like glass, damaging them both in the process. Through an exploration of the body, mind, and spirit the dancers endeavor to both discover and free themselves from the negative effects. 

Yukiko Nimura premieres “See the X” and invites the viewer to explore the invisible moments that change our lives. This piece explores these events as a lens through which the viewer might recognize their own perspective. This lens is viewed as a transparency--a transformative experience that might forever change the trajectory of the subject. 

Technical Coordinator Stephanie Losleben; Lighting Designer Stacy Fireheart; Costume Designer Kelsey Vidic; Technical Advisor Gregory R.R. Crosby; and Music Director Don Nichols all offer crucial contributions in their collaboration and consultation with each choreographer.

Variance runs Thursday and Friday, November 18 and 19 at 8pm. Shows will be performed live on the Martha B. Knoebel stage and will be streamed live via Vimeo. The audio described version will be available for purchase shortly after the live premiere. To access all streaming links please see our website below. Tickets are $15 per stream. Donations are also welcomed.

Tickets are $15 per stream via Eventbrite.

Thursday November 18th Show

Friday November 19th Show

Donations are also welcomed.

For additional information, please call (562) 985-7000

Rebecca Lemme