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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the university will be offering virtual instruction for the remainder of the spring semester. Most employees will also be working remotely.
Key Milestone Project Dates Step Date(s) Mobilize/Soft Demo 7/1/19 Demolition Early August 2019 Start Site Preparation Mid-August 2019 Start Foundation Mid- September 2019 Start Vertical Construction (Building) January 2020
young students
The work that our faculty, staff and students do off campus to serve the region continues to be a source of public good.
Last month I shared just some of the events, services, and resources on the Long Beach State campus and available to community members. I’d like to add to that list. 
President Jane Close Conoley
Recently, I was privileged to host my first on-campus community meeting. We invited campus neighbors to give them an overview of various capital plans and information about projects that are underway at The Beach. We hope this meeting launches a new era of open communication between us and our neighbors. The projects we presented were East Campus development, new Student Housing, Alumni and Community Center, and the Puvungna Study.