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The Pyramid receives New Trees

Published November 19, 2020

The Camphor trees that surround the Pyramid have been struggling with health problems for many years due to disease and poor soil conditions. Many of the trees have already been removed, however, there are 21 Camphor trees located on the north side of the Pyramid that need to be removed.

Pyramid proposed tree removal and planting
Tree Replacement at Pyramid Structure Sidewalk

Thanks to a generous donor, CSULB received a gift to purchase the following new trees:

  • 36 Syagrus Romanzoffana (Queen Palms) measuring 16’ – 20’ in height.
  • 4 Phoenix Dactylifera (Date Palms), measuring 25’ to 30’ in height.

CSULB grounds crew will commence with the removal of the Camphor trees in December 2020 and replant with the gifted trees. The 4 Phoenix Dactylifera will highlight the north stairs of the Pyramid.

This will be the first phase of the project with the ultimate goal of improving the tree canopy around the entire perimeter of the Pyramid.