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Beach Grad 2020 Posts

As the semester comes to a close, we’re asking graduates on social media to share their accomplishments at CSULB, words of encouragement to fellow grads and/or remarks on the end of a major educational journey. See some posts that have already been made below!

Beach Grad 2020

Join us in celebrating the Class of 2020 on social media during Grad Week from Monday, May 18 to Saturday, May 23. Use the hashtag #BeachGrad2020 to join in on the fun!

  • Memory Monday: Share your favorite Beach memory!
  • Festive Tuesday: Let us know how you are safely celebrating from home! 
  • Wednesday Insight: Offer tips for incoming CSULB students!
  • Transformation Thursday: Show how you've evolved at The Beach!
  • Friday Outlook: Tell us your aspirations, goals and plans! 



Diego went to all the night classes... so technically he graduated too @veronicapadronphoto @csulbchhs #beachgrad2020

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a debt-free, college-educated, and socially distant chap. #beachgrad2020 @apfullframe

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Does this mean more play time mom? Mom is a college graduate #beachgrad2020 #congratulations

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So excited for my degree.pdf ! #beachgrad2020 #gobeach

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Si se pudo!...I did it! @csulongbeach @csulbfeafolks #beachgrad2020

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There may not be an actual ceremony, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get to celebrate my huge accomplishment today. 5 years of busting my ass, sacrificing nights out with my friends, sacrificing time with my family, SO much stress, and rollercoasters of emotions. I have to admit, nursing school was NOT easy and challenged me on so many different levels, but these four girls that I met literally day 1 helped me through it all and kept me that much more sane. It just feels so surreal undergrad is finally coming to an end... guess you can say I’m one degree hotter. Now you can call me Matt Marquez, BSN. Just need to pass my state boards and I’ll be an official RN. #ThanksGillForTheDadJoke #NursingSchool #NewGrad #Graduation #CSULB #BeachGrad2020 And thank you thank you THANK YOU to our amazing photographer @mebealexv for these INCREDIBLE pictures you took of us. If anyone is interested in a professional photography session, please DM him my friends and I had a great experience with him today.

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Class of 2020 #csulb

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who needs a degree when you're schoolin' life? - @beyonce

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“Not even a global pandemic can stop me from graduating on time!” Although I may not be walking in front of all my family or with my peers this spring, I will not allow myself to discredit all the hard work and determination it took to get to this point now. Over the course of this academic journey: -I have switched my major 3 times -taken 18 challenging units every semester to make up for this indecisiveness -volunteered/interned numerous hours with amazing PTs and healthcare professionals in preparation to apply for graduate school -worked a part time server job 25+ hours a week to pay for school/living away from home -endured many late night study/cram sessions -AND even overcame the obstacles associated with the transfer to online remote studying during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC All to graduate on time within 4 years and with Honors.✨ So...although this is NOWHERE near the academic journey I expected to take, the numerous detours and pit stops along the way made it MY journey. I know I am in the place I am supposed to be. The hard work and determination throughout this journey deserves to be celebrated and even though you can’t see it under the mask.... I am so happy I finally made it here! More pictures to come...

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Forever a beach babe x I am proud to announce that in two weeks I am graduating college with Cum Laude Honors! (Peep the gold cord!) Graduating with honors was a goal of mine my whole academic career, and I’m proud to say that I did it! x x CSULB has given me so many wonderful opportunities and life experiences that I am incredibly grateful for. Through my academic career, I have had the privilege to be chosen to work as a Professor's Assistant for a CSULB’s Sociology course, an opportunity that greatly gave me insight on how much work and skill is needed to be a college professor and academia. I also assisted those of the Assisted Living at Senior Sunrise for the elderly with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, assisted the elderly at the Alpert Jewish Community, worked for LBUSD’s after school program Kid’s Club, volunteered at the non-profit Long Beach Blast as an academic mentor for a second-grade student, worked part time as a nanny, and maintained President’s Honors every single semester! x x I am greatly excited for my journey ahead and want to thank everyone who encouraged me to reach for greatness! Thank you to my parents, boyfriend, friends, and family who supported me throughout my college experience. CSULB has been such a wonderful place that has introduced me to so many wonderful people. The laughter and memories I’ve made here will last a lifetime. x Proud to be a CSULB Alumni! Go Beach! #CSULB #CSULBGRAD #CSULBGRADUATION #CUMLAUDE #CUMLAUDEHONORS #GRADUATION #CSULBALUMNI #COLLEGEGRADUATE #GOBEACH #CLASSOF2020 #QUARANTINEGRADUATION #QUARANTINEGRADUATE @csulbasi @csulongbeach

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