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About CBA - Basic Facts & Figures

The College of Business Administration (CBA) is one of eight colleges of California State University, Long Beach. As one of the largest campuses of the California State University system, Cal State Long Beach is a comprehensive, four-year institution that was established as the Los Angeles-Orange County State College in 1949 to serve the areas of Orange County and southeastern Los Angeles County. The name was changed to Long Beach State College in 1959, and, after two more name changes, to California State University, Long Beach in 1972.

Business studies at Cal State Long Beach began in 1949 with 24 business students and four faculty members, accounting for one-seventh of the campus population. Business Administration was part of the Social Science Division until 1957, when the division was renamed the Division of Business and Social Sciences. In 1958, the two academic areas split and Business Administration became a division in its own right, with Dr. S. Austen Reep as founding dean. By the mid-1960s, the business school had close to 3,800 business students, 29 full-time faculty members, and 13 part-time lecturers. The Division of Business Administration was upgraded to the School of Business Administration in 1967, and the name was changed to the College of Business Administration in 1992. 

In 1972, the CBA gained its initial accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB). Today, the CBA is home to over 3,600 undergraduate business majors and over 200 graduate students. The CBA is served by approximately 100 full-time and part-time faculty members.

Programs & Offerings

  • We offer one undergraduate degree — Bachelor of Science in Business Administration— with eight options: Accountancy, Finance, Management Information Systems, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing, Operations Management, and an interdisciplinary option in International Business.
  • We offer six undergraduate minors — Finance, Human Resource Management, Management Information Systems, International Business, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. Marketing, HRM, and Entrepreneurship account for the majority of our minors. Students from three colleges—Liberal Arts, Health & Human Services, and the Arts—comprise approximately 85% of our minors.
  • We offer one graduate degree—Master of Business Administration—with department-based specializations: Finance, Information Systems, Management, Human Resource Management, and Marketing.
  • In addition to our state-supported Evening MBA program, we also offer MBA programs in collaboration with the College of Continuing and Professional Education (CCPE) to serve the educational needs of our business and professional communities. These are the Saturday MBA Program, and the Accelerated One-Year MBA (AMBA) Program.
  • We offer the MBA/MFA in Theatre Management joint degree program that began in collaboration with the College of the Arts. This distinctive program is one of very few programs of this type across the country, most notably like Yale University’s program.


  • Headcount. In spring 2013, CBA had 3,645 undergraduate majors, including 793 lower-division pre-business students and 264 minors.  In addition, CBA had 213 MBA students for a total headcount of 3,853. One out of every eight Cal State Long Beach students is pursuing some form of business education.
  • Average Unit Load. Most of our undergraduate students are full-time students. Our majors take a higher unit load than any other college on campus, with the exception of College of the Arts. CBA students averaged 12.5 units during spring 2013. About four-fifths of our undergraduate majors take 12 units or more. Our continuing students have a higher average unit load than our new students.
  • Demographics. Although most of the students are residents of Los Angeles and Orange counties, CBA attracts students from all over the state. The average age of business majors is 24 for undergraduates and 30 for MBA students. Women account for 52% of CBA’s undergraduate enrollment, compared to the university’s 60%. The CBA attracts a higher percentage of minority students relative to the university. Almost 25.0% of CBA students are Asian, while approximately 29.0% are Hispanic and over 24.0% are Caucasian. The university has a total of 1,183 international students from 61 countries, of which 345 are in the CBA.
  • Student Life and Development. Business students are significant participants in student life and development. About one in four of our business majors are actively involved in one of twelve CBA student organizations. As a result, our student body council, the Associated Business Students Organizations Council (ABSOC), is regularly voted by its peers as the best college student government on campus.
  • Degrees Conferred. In 2011-12, the College produced nearly 1,200 B.S. graduates and approximately 120 MBA graduates.
  • Graduation Performance. CBA's graduation rate is nearly 80%, and we strive for improvement each year through our efforts on the University’s Highly Valued Degree Initiative. We also work to reduce the graduation rate gap between underrepresented minority students and non-underrepresented minority students that is currently 14.5%, down from 20.0% three years earlier.


  • Faculty Composition. In spring 2013, the College of Business Administration had a total complement of 98.3 full-time-equivalent (FTE) faculty and 32 FTE staff. The faculty includes 64 tenured and tenure-track faculty and 11 full-time lecturers with the remaining faculty members being lecturers with part-time appointments. In the past 5 years, 12 new tenure-track faculty members have been hired.
  • Intellectual Contributions. From 2009 to 2013, CBA faculty collectively published 133 academic journal publications. Many of those publications are in the most elite business journals. Recent publications include papers by:
    • Accountancy Professor Rod Smith, C. Henderson, K. Kobelsky, and V. Richardson, "The Relevance of Information Technology Expenditures," that has been accepted for publication in Journal of Information Systems.
    • Legal Studies Professor Kathleen Lacey, Emeritus Professor Barbara George, and Clyde Stoltenberg, “The Past Decade of Regulatory Change in the U. S. and EU Capital Market Regimes: An Evolution from National Interests Toward International Harmonization with Emerging G-20 Leadership,” that has been accepted for publication in the Berkeley Journal of International Law.
    • Finance Professor Yulong Ma and Y. Chen, "Revisiting the Risk-Taking Effect of Executive Stock Options on Firm Performance," that was published in the Journal of Business Research.
    • Management Professor Josh Arnold, K.M. O'Connor, and A. Maurizio, "The Prospect of Negotiating: Stress, Cognitive Appraisal, and Performance," that was published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

In addition, CBA faculty participated in 26 presentations, including presentations to the most selective national disciplinary conferences: Academy of Management, Decision Science Institute, INFORMS, American Accounting Association and American Marketing Association.


  • Alumni. The College of Business Administration has produced approximately 45,000 graduates. Our image and value is enhanced when our graduates achieve local, regional and national prominence.
  • Prominent Alumni
    • James H. Eaton - MBA 1987 – the 2006 Distinguished Alumnus is Founder and CEO of Kingdom Partner Solutions and formerly Founder, General Partner, and Director of Airdrome Holdings, LLC, a company he sold in 2008.
    • Russ Lesser – BS 1964 – the 2013 Distinguished Alumnus is President of Body Glove International, the premier surfing and skateboard company and ultimate worldwide watersports brand.
    • Wayne Murdy - BS 1968 – the 2005 Distinguished Alumni is the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Newmont Mining Corporation which has assets of $12 billion and 13,500 employees worldwide.
    • Robert Pitts - BS 1970, MBA 1971 – now retired; the 2007 Distinguished Alumnus was the Vice President for Administrative Services at Toyota Motors. He established Toyota Motor Credit Corporation in 1982 with three employees that grew to over 2,000 associates, 30 offices, and $10 billion in assets under his leadership.

Other distinguished alumni include Curtis Pringle, BS 1981 (Management) – Former Mayor of the city of Anaheim; Delbert W. Yocam, MBA 1971 – Former Chief Operating Officer of Apple Computer, Former CEO and Chairman of Borland International, and Former Board of Directors member of Adobe Systems; Cynthia Stamper Graff, BS 1975 (Finance) – the 2010 Distinguished Alumna is the President & Chief Executive Officer of Lindora Weight Control; she also is an author, volunteer, and philanthropist; and Darrel Reifschneider, BS1955 (Management) – Founder & CEO of Lite Cylinder Company; he was the 2011 College of Business Administration Distinguished Alumnus.