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Theatrical Makeup – Online Class Experience

Published April 16, 2020

Theatre Students Applying Makeup


Gayle Baizer – Theatrical Makeup – Online Class Experience

Gayle Baizer teaches Theatrical Makeup in the Department of Theatre Arts at CSULB. She recently shared images from one of her online class meetings with her students and spoke about how teaching (and sanity) continue for her at this time.


What class is this picture from and how would you explain what you're teaching?

This is the THEA 443/543 SPECIAL APPLICATIONS IN THEATRICAL MAKEUP CLASS FOR SPRING. These students are in the Intermediate/Advanced range and also design makeup for our theatre productions. They are focusing on the creative aspects of makeup design while perfecting their application techniques as learned in the beginning makeup class (THEA 344). 


What are some of the ways in which you are reaching students and offering support for questions and guidance during this time of necessary remote instruction? 

Zoom has been a terrific vehicle for its ease of use and working with my students.  It is helping me to make that in your face connection that we would have in an actual classroom just minus the hands on approach.


Have there been any unexpected discoveries or surprises for you in teaching this way? 

I was kind of dreading this transition to online teaching but also excited to try something new. As soon as I realized what was probably coming, I quickly taught any and all additional skill sets needed to my classes to better prepare them to work at home online. We discussed how I was going to change the curriculum and schedule, so we were all on the same page moving forward. Actually doing this was probably the most challenging experience not the in class time. I love seeing their faces and so appreciate the wonderful job they are doing.


What are you doing during this crisis to stay safe, sane and creatively engaged?   

Okay-busted: walking my two girlie dogs (Winifred and Savana) and walking them again (they think I have totally lost my mind), cleaning house then cleaning it again (boring I know but at least it's exercise), eating all of my favorite foods (some very healthy and some not at all but delicious and appreciated), Zoom parties-drinks, dinner (so bizarre), Guilty pleasure-as a voting academy member, I have been binge watching lots of streamed shows and films until my eyes get bleary, and sleeping through more of them! Creatively: giving my brain a rest...See told you I was guilty!


students with makeup


Clockwise from top left Ashley Trutanich, Sade Gabe, Crystal Du, Nathan Fennacy.