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CHHS Student Leaders

The College of Health and Human Services is home to over 25 student clubs and organizations, spanning a wide network of different industries and fields. Each school year, CHHS is designated a group of students who serve as representatives and advocates who promote the college in our mission to further student success and help the community live happier and healthier lives. Meet the distinguised student leaders who are supporting these efforts. 



Milena Gevorkian

Position: CHHS Senator

Major/Program: Health Science: Community Health Education

Community Impact: Founder and President of “Let’s Rattle Hunger”

Graduation Term: Spring 2022

Professional Career Goals: Become a Physician Assistant 

Hobbies: Play the piano, garden, workout, and reading medical textbooks. 


Salvador Marrero

Position: CHHS Senator

Major/Program: Consumer Affairs, Minor in Communications

Community Impact: President of Hispanic Students Business Association

Graduation Term: Fall 2021

Professional Career Goals: Obtain an MBA, Obtain a marketing coordinator position within the Tech/Entertainment industry, serve and mentor students

Hobbies: Skating, Hiking, listening to Bad Bunny


Amanda Yin

Position: President, CHHS Student Council

Major/Program: Child Development and Family Studies

Graduation Term: Spring 2021

Professional Career Goals: Pursue a career as a program director for an organization that serves their community's children and teenagers growth and advancement, as well as pursue a Master's degree in a field like school counseling to work on providing high school students with post-secondary life, such as navigating their career and college options.

Hobbies: Crocheting and experimenting with cooking, especially different pasta recipes!


Lauren Pitchford

Position: Vice President, CHHS Student Council

Major/Program: Health Science with an emphasis in Community Health Education

Community Impact: Member of the CSULB Leadership Academy, Intern for the Center for Successful Aging. 

Graduation Term: Spring 2021

Professional Career Goals: Start Speech-Language Pathology graduate school in the fall and eventually become a licensed speech therapist. I would love to work with both pediatric and geriatric populations. 

Hobbies: When I'm not working or studying, I enjoy spending time outside by hiking, going to the beach, golfing, and doing other outdoor activities. With the current pandemic, I've become a better baker and enjoy trying out new recipes.


Jessica Fitch  

Position: Treasurer, CHHS Student Council 

Major/Program: Criminal Justice, Minor in Psychology

Community Impact: Criminal Justice Student Association

Graduation Term: Spring 2022

Professional Career Goals: I am interested in attending law school after graduating and working as an attorney. 

Hobbies: I really enjoy hiking, traveling, and going to concerts


Maria A. Lopez Lopez

Position: Secretary, CHHS Student Council 

Major/Program: Criminology

Community Impact: Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), Criminal Justice Student Association (CJSA).

Graduation Term: Spring 2022

Professional Career Goals: Become a civil rights attorney 

Hobbies: I enjoy running, hiking, and baking. 


Yvett Islas

Position: Publicity Coordinator, CHHS Student Council

Major/Program: Healthcare Administration 

Graduation Term: Spring 2021

Professional Career Goals: My career goals are to, of course work in Healthcare on an administrative level, such as an administrator. My career goal/aspirations are to help contribute and assist with promoting healthcare in various communities. Whether that be through communication, information, and or public outreach. 

Hobbies: My hobbies include traveling to new places and of course trying out new dishes. I also enjoy drawing and painting while listening to some good music whether it may be new songs on Spotify, or old vinyl records on my record player.