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Culminating Experience

​Culminating Experience - Applied Projects

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Culminating Experience - Thesis

Below are the virtual thesis posters from our 2019 MSW Graduates, on a wide variety of fascinating topics.

Please click on the cover of each presentation below to read more. Congratulations on great work by everyone!

  • Thesis Poster 1 (PDF)
    • Author: Megan Hartley
    • Title: Treatment for Women Experiencing Symptoms of Postpartum Postraumatic Stress Disorder and Training for Their Medical Providers: A Grant Project
  • Thesis Poster 2 (PDF)
    • Author: Angela Henderson
    • Title: Mindfulness Based Intervention for Early Stage Dementia: A Grant Proposal
  • Thesis Poster 3 (PDF)
    • Author: Victoria Juarez
    • Title: Asian/Asian American Lesbian. Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Youth and Family Program: A Grant Proposal
  • Thesis Poster 4 (PDF)
    • Author: Caroline Cosgrove
    • Title: The End of Life Option Act of 2015: A Policy Analysis
  • Thesis Poster 5 (PDF)
    • Author: Yolanda Gomez
    • Title:  Extended Respite Care Within Shelther for Medically Vulnerable Older Adults Experiencing Homelessness: A Grant Proposal Project