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Vennila Krishnan

Vennila Krishnan, PT, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at Long Beach State University. Dr. Krishnan directs the Clinical Rehabilitation And Biomechanics (CRAB) lab within the Physical Therapy department. Her main interest at the CRAB lab is to design and develop novel rehabilitation interventions that are clinically-relevant and effective in treating individuals with various neurological and musculoskeletal disorders. She recently received a grant from the Center of Successful Aging to conduct balance classes at American Gold Star Manor in Long Beach. Dr. Krishnan is also collaborating with faculty from Engineering to re-train symmetrical gait pattern in stroke population by fabricating a customized shoe-insole device that would provide real-time feedback about the asymmetry of the gait to these stroke survivors.

Areas of Interest

  • Rehabilitation of individuals with neurological and musculoskeletal disorders
  • Fall prevention
  • Retraining symmetrical gait pattern in stroke survivors ¬†

Current Research

  • Fall Prevention at the American Gold Star Manor

Select Publications

  1. Krishnan V, Cho YH, Mohamed O. Role of impaired vision during dual-task walking in young and older adults. Gait & posture. 2017; 57:136-140. PMID: 28624710
  2. Khoo I, Marayong P, Krishnan V, Balagtas M, Rojas O, Leyba K.Real-time Biofeedback Device for Gait Rehabilitation of Post-Stroke Patients. Biomedical engineering letters. 2017 June
  3. Krishnan V, I Khoo, P Marayong, K DeMars, J Cormack (2016). Gait Training in Chronic Stroke Using Walk-Even Feedback Device: A Pilot Study. Neuroscience Journal 2016