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Catalogs, Newsletters, and Memoir Archives

The SUN is a combination of quarterly newsletters and class schedules. It was first published in 1996, the first year of classes at Senior University. Since then, quarterly issues have kept members updated with The "Senior University News" (SUN). 

To see information about past classes, read about instructors who taught the classes as well as interesting articles written by and about our students, take a look through the Archives:   

2017 Fall (PDF) Winter (PDF) Spring (PDF) Summer (PDF)
2016 Fall (PDF) Winter (PDF) Spring (PDF) Summer (PDF)
2015 Fall (PDF) Winter (PDF) Spring (PDF) Summer (PDF)
2014 Fall (PDF)  Winter (PDF)  Spring (PDF)  Summer (PDF) 
2013 Fall (PDF) Winter (PDF) Spring (PDF) Summer (PDF)
2012 Fall (PDF) Winter (PDF) Spring (PDF) Summer (PDF)
2011 Spring (PDF) Summer (PDF) Fall (PDF) Winter (PDF)
2010 Spring (PDF) Summer (PDF) Fall (PDF) Winter (PDF)
2009 Spring (PDF) Summer (PDF) Fall (PDF) Winter (PDF)
2007 Spring(PDF) Summer (PDF) Fall(PDF) Winter(PDF)
2006 Fall(PDF) Winter(PDF) Spring(PDF) Summer(PDF)

We recognize that these documents may not be readily accessabile to all, but are simply archived here for historical reference.  

Memoir Collection 

Link to the OLLI Memoir Collection