M.A. in Sport Management

To provide a sound foundation in the Business of Sport, resulting in meaningful employment!


*We are excited to announce that the Graduate Program in Sport Management is officially set to become a fully online program, commencing in Fall 2024. This updated program offers a flexible schedule for a healthier work/school/life balance as well as internships and other networking opportunities. Please note the application window will remain open until June 1, 2024. Contact Stephen Hawn at stephen.hawn@csulb.edu for further information.*

If you want to combine your passion for sport with a well-developed understanding of the business enterprise—enroll in the most cost-effective and comprehensive Sport Management program of its kind in Southern California. The Sport Industry has become a dynamic growth industry and is now recognized as a multi-billion dollar global enterprise. As former President of the International Olympic Committee, Juan Antonio Samaranch stated, “Effective sport leaders must have sport management knowledge and preparation.”  

With a degree in Sport Management, students get the educational foundation and the practical experience necessary to gain access to a career in this competitive industry. Long Beach State University is pleased to offer a top quality Master's degree in Sport Management, which will help you prepare for a career in the management of sport. The program offers an excellent curriculum to provide you with the necessary background and conceptual knowledge in the management of sport, along with practical application at various sport sites throughout Southern California. We've taken a quality curriculum and made it more accessible, with a non-traditional accelerated schedule


Fall Application Deadline: June 1, 2023

Degree: M.A. Sport Management

Location: Long Beach, CA

Duration: 18 months/36 credits

Tuition: $18,900

Required GPA: minimum 2.75

Admission Requirements:

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Three Reference Forms/Letters
  • Resume
  • Official Transcripts


  • 9 credits
  • Minimum 500 contact hours
  • Over 400 affiliations

  • Dr. Stephen Hawn , Ph.D., Managing Director / Adjunct Professor / Manager of Business Affairs & Marketing, Graduate Program in Sport Management, Department of Kinesiology, College of Health and Human Services, CSULB
  • Mala Kral, MA, Manager of Student Affairs, Graduate Program in Sport Management, Department of Kinesiology, College of Health and Human Services, CSULB
  • Dr. Emyr Williams, Chair, Department of Kinesiology, College of Health and Human Services, CSULB
  • Hitoshi Furuya, Program Developer//International Programs and Initiatives, College of Continuing and Professional Education

  • Complete a Master's Degree in 18 months.
  • Foundations in the management and marketing of sport activities, personnel, facilities & programs.
  • A distinguished faculty and guest speakers comprised of a dedicated team of professionals and academic leaders.
  • Over 240 active high profile internship placements and event field work.
  • Networking and professional interactions with a diverse group with a wide range of professional sport responsibilities and interests.
  • Focus on career development and sport/athletics business skills.
  • Total cost of tuition: $18,900

Program Admission Requirements

Admission into the CSULB Graduate Program in Sport Management will be based on students' composite profile (GPA, GRE, coursework, and sport-related experience):

  • A bachelors degree from an accredited institution.
  • A minimum cumulative undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 2.75. Admission into the CSULB Graduate Program in Sport Management is competitive.
  • Admission into the CSULB Graduate Program in Sport Management occurs twice a year (during the Fall and Spring terms).

Note: Admissions into the CSULB Graduate Program in Sport Management is not only highly competitive but also limited by space availability. Therefore, in some cases, a student meeting the minimum admission requirements may not be accepted into the Program

Apply now using the online Cal State Apply system. Cal State Apply is California State University's online resource to help you quickly and easily apply for graduate admission. Please make sure that you meet application deadlines.

Note the following as you complete your online application:

  • By applying online, you can start, stop, and save your application information throughout the process. You do not have to complete the entire application during one session. For example, you can save your application and revisit your application to add or change information when convenient.

  • Have your previous academic information ready when you apply. For example, you'll be asked to submit information about the colleges you have attended (including community college). You will need the name of the college(s), dates attended, units completed, major, honors, and GPA. For each institution you identify on the application, you will need to request that a transcript be sent to the Office of Admissions and Records at CSULB.

When applying online, select New User if you are a first-time Cal State Apply user. This will start your application process.

  1. On the application form, identify CSU Long Beach Graduate as the university you wish to attend.

  2. Select Start New Application to create a new application file. An application general information page will display.

  3. Select Begin Application for CSU Long Beach Graduate. This button will appear at the bottom of the general information page.

  4. Under Enrollment Plans, indicate the term for which you are applying.

  5. Click on Select a Campus and Major, and a window will pop up titled College and Major Selection. From the Campus/Program drop-down menu, select Special Sessions Degree Program. Then click on Set Campus. You MUST select SPECIAL SESSIONS DEGREE PROGRAM. Do NOT select Long Beach Campus for this item.

  6. For Intended Major, find your subject area and click on Set Major.

  7. For Degree Objective, find you degree objective and select it.

  8. For Credential Objective Name, select “Not interested in a credential program.”

  9. Complete the section for Previous Application/Attendance and click NEXT at the bottom of the page.

  10. Submit other information on the application form as requested. You may wish to collect this information before you apply for admission. For example, you'll be asked to identify (a) previous work experience, (b) the names and addresses of references, (c) honors, (d) languages spoken, and (d) test scores (leave test scores blank if no tests were taken). The absence of test scores will not affect your application. If you have a resume, keep it handy for this part of the application process.

  11. If the program you are interested in requires a Statement of Purpose, you will need to include one. The Statement of Purpose tells us why you want to enroll in the program. You may wish to prepare this statement before applying. Then, cut-and-paste or print your Statement of Purpose into the application form when prompted.

  12. Certify that your application is correct and pay the application fee. You can pay by credit card online.

Applications Being Accepted Now For Fall 2022!

Application Deadline*

  • Spring Session: November 1st
  • Fall Session: June 1st

If you have any questions contact us at:
Phone: 562.985.2044
Fax: 562.985.7105
Email: gpsm.ga@gmail.com

International Students are subject to the same admission criteria as non-international students plus a TOEFL score; however, they have to complete a different application process, and there are different application deadlines. International applicants must complete an international application for admission instead of the general graduate application.

Prospective students should contact the Office of International Recruitment in Foundation 230.

Office of International Recruitment Contact Information

Phone: 562.985.1854
Email: cie-apply@csulb.edu
International Education & Global Engagement


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International Student Application Process

The International Student Application is a four-section form, including:

Section 1: Application Instructions
Section 2: The CSU International Application Form (Program Code Is 1233)
Section 3: Affidavit of Financial Support
Section 4: Campus Information Sheet

Instructions must be followed for each section. Failure to follow the instructions in each section may result in significant delays in the processing of the application. Upon reading the entire application form and completing all of the requirements, students must mail the application, application fee, and all supporting documents to CSULB.

The application deadlines are as follows:

Fall Semester: October 1st - April 1st  (Document deadline: April 15th)

Spring SemesterAugust 1st - October 1st  (Document deadline: October 15th)

Upon completion of the application process, the Center for International Education Office (CIE) will notify students of acceptance into the University. Once a student has been accepted to CSULB, an evaluator will evaluate his/her transcripts to provide information on transferable coursework. There are no pre-evaluations of student's transcripts.

Application Fee

A $55 (U.S. currency) non-refundable fee payable to the California State University must accompany each application. Checks must be drawn off a U.S. bank and include electronically readable micro-encoding. Applications and fees are valid for one semester only and must be resubmitted if a student wishes to be considered for a subsequent semester.

Financial Requirements

Students must be able to provide proof of financial sponsorship for their educational costs while in the U.S. They should refer to the Affidavit of Financial Support form and the Campus Information Sheet for additional information.

English Proficiency

Applicants must demonstrate their English language proficiency by showing a minimum of 80 IBT(internet-based TOEFL), 550 PBT(paper-based TOEFL), 6.0 IELTS(International English Language Testing System) or Level 6 ALI(American Language Institute)

Required Educational Documents

Students must have their official college or university transcripts and diplomas and/or certificates sent from each college or university attended. They must also record a complete educational history on the Educational History Sheet. Failure to declare attendance at an educational institution is considered a serious offense. All official academic records (transcripts, mark sheets, certificates, diplomas, degrees) with respect to all secondary and post-secondary educational experiences must be included with the student's application. Official documents are those mailed directly by previously attended educational institution(s) in an unopened envelope to CSULB. If an institution will not mail original documents, exact copies that have been certified as such by the appropriate officials should be sent directly to the campus in a sealed (unopened) envelope. Official English translations of all supporting educational documents must be completed. Partial records or excerpts are not acceptable. Final grades, marks, exam certificates, etc. may be required prior to determining admission.

Transfer Units

The exact transfer of post-secondary courses completed cannot be determined without a review of detailed syllabi (in English). These syllabi should be official school documents and include detailed information on the breadth and depth of the subject matter, the hours per week of classroom and laboratory instruction, names of textbooks used, and other pertinent information.

Use of Social Security Number

The CSU campuses use the social security number as the identifier for student records maintained in association with the campus and, if needed, to help collect debts owed the University. All students are required to include their social security number on the application for admission. The CSU collects the social security number pursuant to authority contained in Title 5, California Code of Regulations, Section 41201. In the event that a student does not have a social security number at the time of filing the application, the student may leave the item blank. The campus will assign a substitute number.

Fee Refund Policy

Fees may be refunded only as authorized by Sections 41802, 141803, and 41913 of Title 5, California Code of Regulations. Details concerning the fees that may be refunded, the circumstances under which they may be refunded, and the appropriate procedure to be followed in seeking a refund may be obtained from the Office of Admissions and Records on campus.

Further questions:

Please contact the Office of International Recruitment in Foundation 230