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Fees and Payments

Child and Family Center Fees

2021 Monthly Tuition Rates

*The following Tuition rate is due the 5th of each month

Preschool Monthly Rate Toddler Monthly Rate

M-F       $997.00

M-F          $1150.00

MWF     $688.00

MWF       $841.00

T/Th      $527.00

T/Th         $653.00

To Make a Payment

Payment Instructions

  • First-time users will need to register and an account will be created for you in CASHNet.
  • Once your account is created, click on “browse catalog” and make your payment selection.
  • Enter the correct tuition amount.
  • Pay by either E-check or credit card
    • * A $20 dishonored check fee will be charged for each e-check payment that is returned from your bank for any reason.

      *A $20 dishonored credit card fee will be charged for each payment disputed with your credit card company. 

      *Please contact Child & Family Center at 562.985.8500 or email the Child and Family Center before placing the dispute.

  • Payment made should post overnight from your account.
  • A receipt will be emailed by the CASHNet to the email address you specify when making a payment and will come from
  • The Child and Family Center will also receive notification of payment.

Click the following link to be directed to the CASHNet site:

CASHNet website