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Desired Results Developmental Profile

The teaching staff assesses each child’s overall growth and development using the Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP).  This assessment tool is available through the California State Department of Education (Title 5), Child Development Division (CDD). 

The DRDP is an observation tool for teachers to record individual progress toward the achievement of four Desired Results for children:

  • Children are personally and socially competent.
  • Children are effective learners.
  • Children show physical and motor competence.
  • Children are safe and healthy.

The DRDP lists behaviors that, when fully mastered, would indicate the achievement of these desired results for children.  The assessment of children drives the curriculum which in turn, supports the learning and acquisition of skills in preparation for Kindergarten. Teachers share a summary of each child’s development during the biannual parent-teacher conference.  To review the DRDP document, visit the Child Development Division