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Faculty Mentors

CHHS faculty mentors provide assistance with:

  • Career opportunities
  • Graduate program information
  • Internship inquiries
  • Major/discipline specific questions
  • Study abroad course approval

All other academic advising questions should be directed to the CHHS Advising center.

Criminal Justice (CRJU)

Name Email Location
Dr. Brenda Vogel ET-233

Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS)

Advised according to last name

Option Name Email Location
Child Development & Family Studies (A-F) Dr. Nancy Dayne FCS-103A
Child Development & Family Studies (G-L) Dr. Tiffany Brown FCS-102
Child Development & Family Studies (M-R) Dr. Youngok Jung FCS-FA-13
Child Development & Family Studies (S-Z) Dr. Michelle Taylor FCS-101A
Consumer Affairs Dr. Peter Kreysa FCS-FA-8
Family Life Education (A-M) Dr. Nilufer Medora FCS-101A
Family Life Education (N-Z) Dr. Roudi Roy FCS-103
Fashion Design Dr. MyungHee Sohn FCS-010
Fashion Merchandising (A-E) Dr. Marine Aghekyan FCS-FA-9
Fashion Merchandising (F-J) Dr. Marie Botkin FCS-014
Fashion Merchandising (K-O) Dr. Young Ha FCS-FA-10
Fashion Merchandising (P-T) Dr. Hye Jeong Kim FCS-FA-3
Fashion Merchandising (U-Z) Dr. Jung Mee Mun FCS-FA-4
Fashion (Study Abroad) Dr. Suzanne Marshall FCS-FA-2
Food Science Dr. Cheryl Rock FCS-135
Gerontology (Certificate & Minor) Dr. Maria Claver FCS-FA-11
Hospitality Management (A-H) Dr. Lee Blecher FCS -119
Hospitality Management (I-Q) Dr. Libby Gustin FCS-125
Hospitality Management (R-Z) Dr. Ronnie Yeh FCS-128
Nutrition & Dietetics (A-C) Dr. Gail Frank FCS-121
Nutrition & Dietetics (D-G) Dr. Rachel Blaine FCS-FA-15
Nutrition & Dietetics (H-M) Dr. Michelle Barrack FCS-FA-12
Nutrition & Dietetics (N-R) Dr. Virginia Gray FCS-FA-5
Nutrition & Dietetics (S-Z) Dr. Long Wang FCS-FA-16

Health Care Administration (HCA)

Name Email Location
Dr. Erlyana Erlyana ET-213
Dr. Tony Sinay HHS2-116

Health Science (HSC)

Option Name Email Location
Community Health Education Victoria Bisorca HHS2-119
School Health Education Victoria Bisorca HHS2-119

Kinesiology (KIN)

Advised according to last name

Option Name Email Location
K-12 Teaching Credential Dr. Emyr Williams HHS2-207
Adapted Physical Education (A-M) Dr. Melissa Bitner HHS2-213
Adapted Physical Education (N-Z) Dr. Barry Lavay HHS2-214
Athletic Training Dr. Mimi Nakajima HHS2-202
Exercise Science (A-H) Dr. Jill Crussemeyer HHS2-212
Exercise Science (I-L) Dr. Josh Cotter HHS2-209
Exercise Science (M-R) Dr. Evan Schick HHS2-210
Exercise Science (S-Z) Dr. Will Wu HHS2-200
Fitness (A-M) Dr. Michelle Alencar HHS2-220
Fitness (N-Z) Dr. Kellie Walters HHS2-221
Physical Education-Teacher Education (A-M) Dr. Jeff Kress HHS2-217
Physical Education-Teacher Education (N-Z) Dr. Christine Galvan HHS2-215
Sport Psychology and Leadership (A-M) Dr. Alison Ede HHS2-222
Sport Psychology and Leadership (N-Z) Dr. Leilani Madrigal HHS2-225

Nursing (NRSG)

Name Email Location
Dr. Melissa Dyo

Recreation & Leisure Studies (REC)

Area Name Email Location
Undergraduate Advisor Dr. Keith Fulthorp ET-101D
Campus Rec & Student Service Programs Dr. Keith Fulthorp ET-101D
Nonprofit & Volunteer Services Dr. Keith Fulthorp ET-101D
Outdoor Recreation Resources Dr. Curt Davidson ET-101
Recreation Therapy Dr. Heewon Yang ET-101B
Travel & Tourism Dr. Laurel Richmond ET-101F
Event Planning Management Dr. Laurel Richmond ET-101F

Social Work (SW)

Name Email Location
Dr. Lisa Jennings SS/PA 004

Speech Language Pathology (SLP)

Name Email Location
Dr. Belinda Daughrity LAB-129