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Advising Team

Please note that advisors are not always available for drop-in advising questions.

Check our drop-in advising hours for more information.

Advising Team

Name Title
Raven Yoshitomi Director
Lisa Fish Senior Academic Advisor & Program Coordinator
Kari Gage Senior Academic Advisor & Program Coordinator
Jef Aquino Academic Advisor
Javier Gallarzo Academic Advisor
Kristin Gazdik Academic Advisor
Sneha Hamilton Academic Advisor
Diana Martinez Academic Advisor
Yvonne Vo Academic Advisor
Amy Gleason Career Coordinator
Max Limeberger Office Coordinator

Who is your academic advisor?

Advisors are assigned based on your major. In some instances, you may be seen by one of our senior advisors. Although they may not be listed as one of your advisors below, please be aware they are trained on your major and are able to advise you.

Major Advising Specialists
Athletic Training Kari Gage & Kristin Gazdik
Child Development & Family Studies Diana Martinez & Yvonne Vo
Consumer Affairs Lisa Fish & Kari Gage
Criminology & Criminal Justice Kari Gage & Sneha Hamilton
Family Life Education Diana Martinez & Yvonne Vo
Fashion Design Lisa Fish & Kari Gage
Fashion Merchandising Lisa Fish & Kari Gage
Food Science Diana Martinez & Sneha Hamilton
Health Care Administration Diana Martinez & Javier Gallarzo
Health Science Diana Martinez, Javier Gallarzo, & Kristin Gazdik
Hospitality Management Jef Aquino & Kari Gage
Kinesiology Jef Aquino, Kristin Gazdik, & Sneha Hamilton
Nursing Diana Martinez, Javier Gallarzo, & Kristin Gazdik
Nutrition & Dietetics Diana Martinez & Sneha Hamilton
Recreation Jef Aquino & Kristin Gazdik
Recreation Therapy Jef Aquino & Kristin Gazdik
Social Work Lisa Fish
Speech-Language Pathology Kari Gage