Sponsor a Senior Design Project

Does your organization have a technical problem that needs solving? Enlist senior engineering students for your project

The College of Engineering invites organizations to partner with CSULB to sponsor Senior Design Projects. Enlist high-level senior engineering students to help solve one of your organization's pressing technical problems. In a definite win-win, seniors gain real-world experience in problem-solving, while companies receive the benefit of a full engineering team and access to high-performing students who are prepared to enter the workforce.

Senior Design Projects typically focus on challenging business issues from any technology or engineering domain, but in particular, projects that rely on investigation and research, design, prototyping, validation, and data reporting. Past projects have involved R&D and proof of concept in such areas as:

  • Automation and system optimization
  • Biomechanics
  • Communications and information security
  • Fatigue tests and simulation
  • Impact tests and analyses
  • Power and energy systems
  • Prototyping and validation of patents and claims
  • Remote sensing and data/image processing 
  • Thermal system analyses & optimization
  • Transportation, goods movement and logistics
  • Water resources, water recovery, and treatment

If you have technology-related business problems that need solving, please fill out the online interest form to begin the process. Each project must be funded at a minimum of $25,000.

How it Works:

  • Submit a statement of interest prior to mid-August.
  • Project should be compelling and have easily identifiable customer and company benefits.
  • Students are selected and interdisciplinary teams are formed at the beginning of the Fall semester.
  • Projects begin in September, and end in the following May. 
  • Company R&D group prepare a statement of work with deliverables.
  • College designates laboratory space for each project, and set up a separate class when companies sponsor four or more projects.
  • Faculty and student teams develop project plan, tasks, budget, and overall strategy.
  • Teams aim to solve business problems with ROI and commercialization in mind.
  • End result should be a working prototype, along with test results and validation data.