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Manufacturing & Robotics

Ehsan Barjasteh headshot
Areas of expertise
•  Development and optimization of advanced polymer and composite materials and processes
Research interests
•  Manufacturing advanced composites using out-of-autoclave processes
•  Self-healing and repair of composite structure using smart materials
•  Toughening advanced composites
•  Life-time prediction and aging
•  3D-printing of polymers for high-temp applications
•  Progressive damage detection and analysis

Ehsan Barjasteh

Research lab

Dr. Ehsan Barjasteh has over 10 years of industry experience with development and manufacturing of polymer composite materials for commercial and aerospace applications. He has consulted at Composite Technology Corp., Henkel Aerospace, and Tencate Advanced Composites since 2007. The focus of his industry career was to develop lightweight products and processes to increase material performance and reduce manufacturing cost. He was a visiting scholar at McGill Composite Center at USC in 2015. His research focuses on development and optimization of advanced polymer and composite materials and processes. He obtained his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from University of Southern California in 2011.




Emel Demircan
Areas of expertise
•  Robotics
•  Biomechanics
•  Dynamics & control
Research focus
•  Cyber-physical systems
•  Rehabilitation robotics
•  Human motion synthesis
•  Dynamics, control & simulation of musculoskeletal systems



Emel Demircan

Research lab

Dr. Demircan researches how motor control dictates human movement, multi-body dynamics and control, and simulation and analysis of biomechanical and robotic systems. The research could advance rehabilitation and assistive robotics, cyber-physical systems, and sports biomechanics. Dr. Demircan obtained her Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University in 2012. She was a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford from 2012-2014, a visiting assistant professor at University of Tokyo from 2014-2015, and a part-time scientist at Stanford's Lucile Salter Packard Children's Hospital Gait Analysis Lab. Dr. Demircan collaborates with clinical, athletic and industrial partners and has received grants from the NSF and the NIH. She holds a joint appointment in the Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering departments.

Dr. Hamid Rahai Headshot
Areas of expertise
Industrial water treatment
Air pollution
Renewable energy
Industrial aerodynamics
Research focus
Bio-fluids simulation and diagnosis
Water point-source contaminations and mitigation
Diesel emission control
Air pollution diffusion, modeling, industrial aerodynamics
Wind energy within urban canopy
Turbulence and mixing processes

Hamid Rahai


Dr. Rahai is founding director of the Center for Energy and Environmental Research & Services (CEERS), COE Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies, and a professor in CSULB’s Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering and Biomedical Engineering departments. He has supervised over 70 MS theses and projects and PhD dissertations, and authored more than 90 papers and presentations. He has overseen more than $5 million in grants and contracts from the National Science Foundation, Federal Highway Administration, California Energy Commission, California Air Resources Board, Port of Los Angeles, Caltrans, Boeing, Southern California Edison, Long Beach Airport, Long Beach Transit, and private industries. The holder of two patents, Dr. Rahai has been inducted into the CSULB National Academy of Inventors chapter and is the recipient of a 2004 Northrop Grumman Excellence in Teaching Award and 2014 Outstanding Engineering Educator Award from the Orange County Engineering Council.