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Dr. Maryam Haddad joined the Department of Chemical Engineering at California State University, Long Beach as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2019. Dr. Haddad obtained her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Polytechnique Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 2016. Dr. Haddad was a postdoctoral research fellow in the NSERC Industrial Chair on Drinking Water at Polytechnique Montreal, and the NSERC Chair in Water Treatment at the University of Waterloo from 2016 to 2019.

Dr. Haddad’s research lies in the nexus of water desalination, waste management, and resource recovery. Her research applies an interdisciplinary approach to address the challenges that our society is facing, ranging from water quality and scarcity, massive waste production, and climate change to the shortage of valuable resources. During her graduate studies and postdoctoral appointments, Dr. Haddad worked on the design and implementation of hybrid membrane processes in order to provide a framework for the next-generation technologies to sustainably and simultaneously treat water/wastewater and produce value-added products.