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Bachelor's in Civil Engineering

Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,, this program provides the broad background needed to succeed in civil engineering. Built around a core of mathematics and natural and engineering sciences, the program teaches students the essential tools and problem-solving ability to work in industry or prepare for civil engineering graduate studies. Students receive theoretical and practical experience in planning, analysis, design, and construction of various types of private projects and public works. Graduates emerge fully prepared to work at engineering consulting firms, the construction industry, and government agencies.

Undergraduate Advisor (A-K): Jin Gi Hong
Undergraduate Advisor (L-Z): Pitiporn Asvapathanagul
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Note: For advising appointments, visit VEC-104, email or call 562.985.8419.

Bachelor's in Construction Management

Accredited by the American Council for Construction Education, this program gives you comprehensive professional knowledge of the techniques, materials, equipment, job planning, and cost controls needed to work in the construction planning and design professions. The BSCM is built around a core of mathematics, basic and engineering sciences, engineering planning and design, and humanities and social sciences. Junior-level curriculum emphasizes engineering science and laboratory and computer techniques. Senior-level courses emphasize engineering planning, design, economics, and professionalism. The program was previously called Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering Management.

Undergraduate Advisor: Joseph Kim
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Note: For advising appointments, visit VEC-104, email or call 562.985.8419.

Bachelor's in Environmental Engineering

This program is designed to prepare graduates for a variety of careers within the environmental engineering field, creating expertise in water quality and management, pollution mitigation control, air quality control, renewable energy sources, and policies and regulations governing industry and government. (Starting Fall 2022)

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Undergraduate Advisor: TBD