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COVID-19 Information

Visiting Campus

  • Visits to campus by COE faculty and staff must be approved by your supervisor or Department Chair, who will in turn seek approval from the appropriate Dean or Associate Dean. 
  • Essential personnel and faculty approved for regular campus visits do not have to request separate permission for each campus visit.
  • Everyone approved for a campus visit must fill out the COVID-19 health-screening questionnaire each day just prior to coming to campus. Vendors can request a hard copy of the questionnaire from Facilities Coordinator Glen Seymour. Students need to show their professor they completed the health screening.
  • Faculty can pick up materials from offices with permission from Interim Associate Dean Antonella Sciortino, but may not work in their offices this semester. 

When visiting campus, you must:

  • Wear a face covering that covers your mouth and nose 
  • Bring a personal size container of gel sanitizer to campus
  • Wash hands with soap and water in restroom prior to hybrid class
  • Strictly adhere to social distancing rules, maintaining 6 feet between you and another person. 
  • Strictly comply with all applicable COVID-19-related federal and state laws, directives, and orders

Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • Custodial Services will clean building bathrooms and common areas three times daily. Common areas include entry/exit door handles, stairway hand rails, and elevator buttons.  Standard daily/weekly cleaning schedules will continue.
  • Faculty teaching a hybrid class will be given a tote to clean and disinfect their lab workstations. Faculty can enlist help from department technicians and students to clean these areas three times a day. 
  • For the first class of the day,  workstations must be cleaned before any work begins. The second and third cleaning is based on the number of classes scheduled during the day. If a room only has one class for the day then cleaning before and after class is all that is required.

Building Signs

  • Signs have been placed throughout buildings to alert visitors to changes in movement and occupancy.
  • Stairways have been marked to limit traffic in a single direction. Look for signs to indicate whether stairways are designated for up or down movement.
  • Elevator occupancy should be limited to a single person.
  • Floors have been closed in some buildings. Air conditioning will be turned off and restrooms closed on these floors. 
  • Floor markings have been installed to provide visual cues to maintain social distancing.

Reminder: Faculty and staff should report any COVID-like symptoms or a positive test result to a manager or dean — and students to Student Health Services — if they've been on campus at any time in the preceding two weeks.