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National Academy of Inventors

CSULB NAI chapter members

California State University Long Beach’s National Academy of Inventors chapter includes innovators from throughout the university. The chapter has been championed by Simon Kim, CSULB associate vice president of research and sponsored programs, and computer science Professor Forouzan Golshani, holder of a dozen patents.

The chapter meets each semester. Golshani is the chapter’s president and mathematics professor John Brevik the vice president. To qualify for induction into the chapter, members must hold or have applied for a patent. Members inducted into the CSULB chapter are:

  • Shadnaz Asgari, Chair, Biomedical Engineering
  • Perla Ayala, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
  • Vahid Balali, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering & Construction Engineering Management
  • John Brevik, Professor, Mathematics
  • Juan Cepeda-Rizzo, Lecturer, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
  • Jen-Mei Chang, Professor, Mathematics
  • Forouzan Golshani, Professor, Computer Engineering & Computer Science
  • Thomas Gredig, Associate Professor, Physics & Astronomy
  • Michael Harris, Professor, Physiology
  • Chris Lowe, Professor, Marine Biology
  • Rajendra Kumar, Professor Emeritus, Electrical Engineering
  • Michael Parker, Instructor, Art
  • Hamid Rahai, Associate Dean of Research, College of Engineering
  • Kasha Slowinska, Professor, Chemistry
  • Chit-Sang Tsang, Professor, Electrical Engineering, and
  • Parviz Yavari, Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering.